What Makeup Products To Pack When You Travel

I particularly like to travel very lightly, and packing is not the part of the travelling process that I enjoy the most, so when deciding what to carry in my cosmetic bag, I find myself in a real dilemma because obviously, I want to look regal on my vacation. Still, I don’t want to overcrowd my suitcase or mistreat my cosmetic and makeup products. 

With that in mind, today I wanted to bring you some tips on how to get out of that predicament and what products I never lack in my travel bag to always look beautiful while on vacation.

Obviously, not all vacations are enjoyed in warm places with a beach, breeze and sea, but really cold places represent fewer problems for us if we are talking about duration and application of makeup. Although the process of packing may be the same, Albeli refers, above all, to tricks to carry and apply makeup in summer climates and places. 

How To Pack Makeup When Going On A Trip?

The first thing is to start from the need to have a special and specific place to carry our makeup and cosmetic products, on the one hand, because no matter how fine they are, they will always be delicate products, on the other because we are never exempt from suffering some spill and they can stain and spoil the clothes or other items that we carry in the suitcase. 

In the case of trips, I particularly have an anti-fluid fabric cosmetic bag, it is that fabric that liquids basically slide off and that is also super easy to clean if something falls on them.

If for one reason or another the trip took them by surprise and they are without a cosmetic bag, what they can do is allocate one of the compartments of the suitcase or briefcase to carry everything related to makeup products there and thus prevent them from mixing, damaging, lose or spill.

What Is The Best Makeup Finish On Vacation?

As I was saying, we are going to emphasise mainly the vacations that we are going to enjoy in hot climates, since it is what can cause us the most inconveniences when it comes to not only applying the products but also that they last longer, the heat and sweat, as well as seawater or swimming pools are not very compatible with wearing makeup.

As for the overall result of makeup, both in my personal experience as well as what I have read from experts, it will always be a good idea to opt for a soft, light and natural finish, which allows us to feel and look spectacular, but at the same time be comfortable. Going on vacation is usually about relaxing and getting out of the routine, and we don’t want to be tense having to think if our eyeliner ran or our eyebrows moved. 

So here the premise that less is more makes unique sense, it is better to have a sober and relaxed finish, than to be heavily made up and after three steps out of the air conditioning the sweat has run off half of the makeup; in this case, soft earth tones and nudes are ideal allies.

What Cosmetic Products To Take On Vacation?

Very well, leaving the generalities, let’s see what products you should carry in your cosmetic bag so that they shine on your vacation:

Sunscreen:  It may seem obvious, but I put it on the list to remind you that it is not only to be used when we are going to be exposed to direct sunlight, it is a must, not only in our cosmetic bag when travelling, but for our dresser at home. 

BB Cream:  Preferably a watery and light formula, use it in moderate amounts, remember that less is more, especially if we are going to expose ourselves to the sun and therefore to sweat. 

Dark circles concealer:  Evaluate if it is very necessary for you, for me it is, what I do, to continue with my premise of travelling light, is not to take eye primer to apply the shadows and replace it with the concealer. Also preferably water-based.

Waterproof lash:  From what I have seen with my friends, family, and their clients, the non-washable lash is their favourite. I really always prefer the washable one. But when on vacations that involve the sea or the pool, try the option I always choose.

Light eyebrow pencil:  Well, it doesn’t have to be a pencil, if you use shadow or any other type of pigment for your eyebrows, it’s something you can’t leave at home when you go on vacation. Another excellent option is to have your eyebrows done with a semi-permanent pigment at least one week before the trip.

Eye pencil:  I use eye pencil very occasionally, at home I usually opt for shadows, even if the makeup is not going to be very elaborate, but a pencil on a trip, which is also a long-lasting pigment. Duration is a great ally that can save us time on makeup and space in the suitcase. Accompanied by a brush to blur, it can give us a sensational finish without the need to use shadows.

Lip moisturiser:  A friend once told me that for her going out without lipstick was like going out, that’s exactly what she said. I think she could not follow this tip of not wearing lipstick but only moisturiser. If you are like my friend, make sure that the lipstick you are going to wear has moisturising properties, the lips are an area that is very sensitive to dehydration and exposure to sunlight.

Eye shadows:  I mentioned the option of only carrying a pencil, but the truth is that I always try to have an eye shadow palette that is easy to carry and with tones that I love for the holidays. If you are going to wear shadows, make sure they are palettes easy to load and with packaging that protects them very well from any fall or bruise.

Make-up remover:  I have told you several times that this whole subject of putting on make-up is relatively new to me, and one of the hazing I committed was to go on a trip with my full make-up bag ready, but with nothing to remove my make-up with. Some make-up remover wipes are a very good option in terms of space and practicality, however, you should make sure that they remove waterproof eyelashes.

Skincare products:  I put it in general because the needs of each skin are different, for example, I cannot leave my moisturiser, but someone may need to carry out their anti-acne routine or reduce spots. Always make room for your skincare products in the travel cosmetic bag since these needs of each person do not rest and need to continue to have the necessary attention, and more, if we are on vacation.

This is basically what I take on my travels and apart from the times I tell you that I did not take makeup remover with me, I have done very well with these products to keep me glowing on my vacations.

Get all your makeup, cosmetic and skincare products for your vacations and your day-to-day dressing table and enjoy your vacations carrying your confidence with your makeup.

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