How Do You Choose the Best Cartilage Ring Designs

Cartilage earrings are nothing but those worn in the cartilage away from the ear lobe. Built differently, cartilage earrings are thinner, and the length of the wearable part is shorter. People are piercing their cartilage more in recent times, and it still is not clear as to why it suddenly caught up so much fire.

The sale of cartilage earrings has also shot up in this short period. The cartilage is softer than bone, and hence piercing is easy. But still, you will feel the pinch once you pierce your cartilage.

A piercing gun is often used to create the piercing, and a chosen cartilage piercing earring is immediately woven into the pierced hole. A six to twelve-month span goes toward the complete healing of the wound.

Cartilage rings are differentiated by their location, and some of the locations go by the names like anti-tragus, snug, inner and outer conch, auricle, helix, rook, and tragus.

They are all within the outer ear cartilage away from the lobe. 

There are a lot of cute cartilage earring types that suit different spots, and not every design can be worn in all the separate cartilage spots. In this article, we will find out which cartilage earring suits which type of cartilage piercing the best.

Cartilage Hoop Earrings

Designed smaller than the ones used in ear lobes, cartilage hoop earrings are built to fit in places where the space is less. They look stunning in almost all positions except the 

  • orbital, 
  • auricle, 
  • rook and 
  • the outer conch & 
  • inner conch. 

If you fall in love with a cartilage earring in the hoop form, make sure you remember where you cannot wear them.

Labret posts or studs as cartilage earrings

Cartilage stud earrings or labret studs are worn in earlobes prominently. They could be plain metal blobs or crystals of different colors. Leaving aside the orbital and rook positions, you can use these cartilage earring studs anywhere. The rook and the orbital positions expose the back of the earrings, and often you might want to avoid it.

Cartilage earrings with dangles

Dangles can add an extra fashion layer to your facial appearance. Use them in any of the upper ear positions to make them visible.

Wide cartilage earrings

They are an option for those who don’t have more than one ear piercings but want to achieve a complete look. There are no specific location suggestions, except that any upper or middle ear piercing is sufficient to accommodate a wide cartilage earring.

Cartilage shields and chains

Cartilage shields, more commonly known as cartilage cuff earrings, suit the helix piercings best, and chains suit outer ear piercings since connecting them to a lower level will be easier.

Barbells as cartilage earrings

Try straight, circular, or curved barbells, and you can place them anywhere in the ear. The best part of having barbells is that they suit almost all occasions and all locations of cartilage piercings.

Cartilage earrings for your constellation

Constellation is a type of piercing where many piercings are together made to create one wholesome or unique look. If that is the case, why don’t you try barbells or studs altogether?

Bead rings as cartilage earrings

Try gold cartilage earrings, 14k gold cartilage earrings, or sterling silver cartilage earrings for either creating that gold or silver metal blob look or adding some zing by adding a few colored gemstones of your choice. Try them anywhere except the snug piercing zone. Now that you know where you can wear what, try your favorite cartilage earring piece but just remember this guide that is made keeping in mind the design, comfort, and feasibility of a certain design, in a certain location.

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