Is Luxury Clothing Worth The Higher Price Tag?

Is luxury clothing really worth the higher price tag? Many people are tempted by designer labels for their flashy appeal and believe it will make them look more impressive. However, it may not always be the best option. Non-designer brands can offer better value, sustainability, and even cooler designs! Don’t let yourself be fooled into spending a lot of money on something that isn’t necessarily the best choice – consider all your options before making a decision.

Many believe that luxury clothing is made from better materials and is created by hand which in turn encourages you to feel better about what you are wearing compared to fast fashion brands. But the truth is, an item is only worth its value if the materials used will last a long time and in these days, are sustainable. When it comes down to price and quality there are mid-range brands that offer products at a slightly higher price, and this does reflect quality, but some luxury brands can often exceed in price over quality, or does it? In this article, we will discuss whether luxury clothing is worth the higher price tag. 

Are clothes a waste of money?

Clothes don’t have to be a waste of money, as long as you make smart choices about what you buy. When shopping for clothing, think about the purpose and production cost behind the item rather than just its brand or design. Though there may be times when quality clothes come with higher price tags, it’s important to understand why that is – because of either the materials used in making them, or their name-brand status. All in all, if you invest your money wisely, buying clothes doesn’t have to be an expensive venture.

How does quality improve with a higher price tag?

Quality often improves with a higher price when it comes to clothing. More expensive clothes are usually made with better materials, like organic cotton or linen, which feel softer and last longer than cheaper synthetic fabrics. They also have tighter stitching that doesn’t come apart as easily, meaning you can last longer. If you were looking for luxury goods, you should expect designer trainers and clothes to look newer for longer, fit better and keep their shape at the very least. 

Compared to the likes of ASOS, Zara, Boohoo, Shein and Primark, most designer brands will be of better quality. When you buy cheap, you buy twice as the clothes often have their clothes faded, lose shape, look worn after a couple of washes, buttons and zips break and they just don’t fit as well. This is true for many vases, but sometimes, this is completely untrue and can be a branding technique as some may find brands better due to designers actually creating the pieces instead of just cheaper brands following from the original pieces and designs. 

Reasons luxury designer clothes are more expensive

There are a number of reasons why luxury clothing is more expensive but generally, they are much better quality. For example, the clothes may be manufactured in Italy instead of China which has cheap labour and produces poor quality. Here are some of the other factors that make luxury designer clothing more expensive.


One thing that a lot of people don’t know is that when you are buying a luxury designer brand, you are not only  buying the quality and the brand, but you are also paying for the brand marketing that goes with it. These include: 

  • Fashion shows
  • Social media campaigns
  • Influencer marketing
  • Magazine ads 
  • TV advertising

If you are looking to invest, one of the best types of companies that you can invest in is one that takes raw materials and makes it more valuable by creating a brand that people will of course pay more for. 

Limited Quantities

One of the key factors that make a luxury brand more expensive is the fact that they purposely make lee quantities. This make the exclusivity higher which many people want. It is well known that if you by bulk, it gets cheaper. If the brand orders a set amount of items from their supplier, this is going to be more expensive than a brand that would order thousands of items. 

The other reason this is made more expensive is if the demand for the item is high. Many people will only buy an item due to its price as it makes it more desirable than something that most people own. 

Longevity of the product when cared for

All clothes are not made the same and are definitely not the same quality. The key to keeping your luxury designer clothing looking newer for longer is by caring for them properly. This means only cleaning them when they need it and also to follow the care instructions. Even when you have designer clothes, washing them constantly and tumble drying them are of course going to reduce the quality of the items. This is the same with cheaper alternatives but they will decrease quicker. Also, when someone pays more for an item, they of course want it to last much longer so they are more conscious of washing it correctly. 

Final Thoughts

Luxury clothing holds its price tag at the higher end for a range of reasons, but if you are solely basing it on quality, then you will expect it to be worth it. There is only so much a piece can be of great quality, so if you are paying extortionate prices for a tee, then you may be disappointed if you expect it to be indestructible. Look after your clothes and they will last much longer.

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