7 Expert Tips to Prevent Your Hair Color From Fading

If you’re looking to maintain your new hair color for longer, these simple tips for colored hair can help. Remember that your hair cuticle needs at least two days to shut down. If you color your hair more than two or three times a week, your color will oxidize. Using a neutralizer will help keep your color from fading.

How to keep vibrant hair color from fading?

1. Avoid Saltwater

Avoiding salt water is one of the most common ways to prevent hair color from fading. Hair is a sponge that absorbs water based on the cuticles’ spacing and the water’s temperature. Therefore, it’s natural for your hair to absorb ocean water. But, the salt in saltwater eats away hair dye, causing it to fade faster. You can use natural ways to color hair to avoid this from happening to you.

Another answer for how to keep vibrant hair color from fading is to limit the number of times you wash your hair. This will help preserve the color by reducing the amount of oil your hair produces. Additionally, a shower head filter will help protect your hair from chlorine. It will also help close the cuticle, which means that your color will stay on your hair longer.

While you shouldn’t miss a day at the beach just because your hair is colored, it’s important to remember the effects of saltwater on hair color. It can damage the cuticle and the hair shaft and strip away the color. One of the best tips for colored hair is to avoid saltwater if you want your hair to remain healthy and vibrant. You’ll also want to ensure you rinse your hair thoroughly after swimming in saltwater.

Saltwater is not an efficient solution for hair dye, but you can protect your hair from fading if you are careful in the ocean. You can try using a leave-in conditioner at the beach, which will create a barrier between your hair and the salt. In addition to protecting the color of your hair, you should also avoid using shampoos that contain sulfates.

2. Stay Away From Chlorine

Chlorine is a powerful chemical, and it has the power to change hair color, making it look duller and less shiny. Chlorine also affects the structure of hair, as it bonds with the sebum protein. This results in hair that becomes dry and brittle. It can also bond with artificial dye chemicals, making hair weaker and prone to breakage.

One way to protect yourself against chloride-induced hair color loss is to avoid swimming. Chlorine binds to the hair fiber, drawing out moisture and breaking down the structure of the hair. Moreover, it pulls out melanin, one of the natural ways to color hair. Chlorine can also bond with artificial hair color, making it pale green.

Besides using hair oil to protect your hair from chlorine, you should also use a hair clarifier to protect it from harsh chemicals. It is easy to prepare a hair clarifier yourself; just combine baking soda with apple cider vinegar. Also, you can use coconut oil to moisturize your dry scalp. A good deep conditioner can also help reverse significant damage caused by bridal hair and makeup in NJ.

3. Use Color-Safe Shampoos

Color-safe shampoos are specially formulated to help your hair maintain its color. These shampoos are more moisturizing and often contain proteins to strengthen hair. Hydrated hair will have tighter cuticles and a better hold on the color. Also, these shampoos are formulated at a pH level that prevents color molecules from slipping out.

It is imperative to remember that your hair will fade with time. To avoid this, you need to extend the time between washings. You can also ask your hair salon in New Jersey to wash your hair with cool or warm water. It’s also essential to use color-safe shampoo. This shampoo doesn’t contain sulfates or other harsh cleansing ingredients that can strip your hair of color.

Color-safe shampoos are an excellent way to prevent your hair from fading when you have a favorite color. These shampoos are sulfate-free and contain antioxidants to protect your hair color. Additionally, they can reduce dandruff and promote shine.

Toning shampoos can also help your hair maintain its color longer. Toners will help neutralize yellow and brassy tones. It can also prolong the life of highlights. However, excessive use of toning shampoos will dry out hair and may cause the overproduction of purple and blue pigments.

You should also avoid shampoos with sulfates, which can strip color. Shampoos that contain sulfates have high levels of salt, which can strip hair color and cause it to fade faster. You can also use a clarifying shampoo, a high-detergent formula used for bridal hair and makeup in NJ that removes built-up hairstyling products and dirt.

4. Consider High-Quality Conditioners

Use conditioners that are pH neutral or at least stable at this pH range to help prevent hair color fading. Too high or too low of a pH level will cause the hair cuticle to open and absorb color, which causes fading. Also, too much or too little color can cause the color to bleed out too quickly.

Another way to keep hair color from fading is to choose a color-safe conditioner designed using the best tips for colored hair. A color-safe conditioner will contain ingredients preventing dye molecules from escaping the hair. This will help the color last longer, adding luster to the hair.

There are a variety of brands that use special ingredients that will help the color stay vibrant. These formulas are gentle on the hair, but they won’t strip the hair of its color. A good conditioner formulated to protect the color will also provide moisture and essential nutrients to keep hair color vibrant.

Regularly apply conditioner to your hair to keep it moisturized. This will keep your hair from drying, which is one of the main causes of color fading. You should also avoid blow drying and curling irons to protect your hair color.

Moreover, it is important to wash your hair less frequently. Excessive washing can cause hair color to fade, as washing hair often removes natural oils and make it look lifeless. It is therefore important to wash hair only occasionally, every two to three days. You can use a color-safe dry shampoo to wash your hair, which can keep the color vibrant.

5. Apply Hair Gloss

A good hair gloss can help you maintain the look of your current hair color and keep it looking vibrant and healthy. It adds shine, prevents color from fading, and helps protect your hair from damage caused by dandruff and scalp irritation. Hair loss treatments can be applied at home or any hair salon in New Jersey. These treatments last from twenty to forty minutes, depending on the application.

Unlike hair dyes that wash out after a few weeks, hair gloss treatments work by coating hair and filling in raised cuticles. The color will be left on for several weeks before fading. Moreover, natural ways to color hair open the cuticle and allow the pigment to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft.

A good hair gloss can tone your hair. For example, a blue hair gloss can help minimize orange tones in brown hair, while a white gloss can add a natural shine. These hair glosses are effective on all hair types and can be applied directly after washing. The formulas contain ingredients that strengthen hair strands and prevent hair color from fading.

6. Check Your Medication

There are a few medications that can cause your hair color to fade. Some oral contraceptives, such as statins, antibiotics, and mood stabilizers, among other chemicals, strip away moisture, one of the main reasons hair color fades. Consult your physician or hairstylist to learn how to keep vibrant hair color from fading.

7. Protect From Sunlight

Another answer for how to keep vibrant hair color from fading is to avoid direct sunlight and exposure to harsh UV rays. This can quickly oxidize the color and cause it to fade. Using a protective UV-protectant conditioner is a great way to avoid this problem. Also, remember to wear a hat to protect your hair while outside!

You can also protect your hair color from fading by limiting your exposure to the sun. The sun’s UV rays break down the chemical bonds in dyes, causing hair color to fade faster. To help protect your hair color from sun damage, use a UV protective balm or spray. Many hair care brands sell UV-protective products.


Here are some tips from the best hair salon in New Jersey to keep your hair color from fading:

  • When swimming in a pool or the ocean, ensure you rinse your hair well after swimming.
  • Similarly, use a pre-shampoo conditioner to protect your hair from the damaging effects of saltwater.
  • You should also use a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair soft and prevent the color from fading. Remember to reapply this conditioner throughout the day.
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