5 Creative Breakfast Ideas for When You Don’t Have Energy to Cook

Whether you’re feeding yourself or a large family, it can be a lot to come up with three meals every single day. In fact, it’s exhausting. While there are days when you might feel energized to cook an amazing feast, there are days when you just won’t have the energy. However, you still need to eat in order to live. As times get tough and people struggle with having to stay at home and avoid overspending, it can be difficult to come up with creative meal ideas. This is especially true for breakfast, as many might just eat a snack or junk food instead of cooking. However, there are plenty of creative ideas for breakfast meals. Consider some of the great breakfast ideas you’ll want to adopt for the times when you don’t have the energy to cook a thing.

Use a slow cooker

Although a slow cooker will take a bit longer, it is easy to use and a great option for a creative, low-energy breakfast. If you wake up an hour or two before it’s time for breakfast, the slow cooker will do the cooking for you. All you need to do is throw your ingredients in the crockpot, set the timer and let it do its job. You can make flavor-filled oatmeal, a hash brown casserole or cinnamon rolls. Look up slow cooker recipes and you’ll be sure to find many options that will please even the pickiest of eaters. Slow cookers are great for those who want the easiest of options and don’t mind waiting.

Order from a local diner

If you have the energy to pick up your phone to place an order at a local diner, you can enjoy a nice, hot breakfast. Even during the quarantine, many restaurants are opting for contactless delivery and other safe options. You will be able to get a great meal while supporting local businesses at the same time. Find a restaurant that provides amazing breakfast options. A place like a 24-Hour Diner can provide the perfect options you can rely on no matter when you wake up. If they deliver the food straight to your door, that’s even better.

Add interesting toppings

Another way to add pizzazz to your breakfast is by adding interesting toppings. Breakfast foods like cereal, frozen pancakes, and instant oatmeal might seem mundane on their own, though they are easy to make. Thankfully, using the right toppings will allow you to enjoy the gourmet option without exerting tons of energy. When you’re placing frozen, pre-made pancakes in the oven, throw some chocolate chips on top. Chop up a few fresh strawberries to place on top of some cereal with milk. Once you’ve pulled your frozen waffles out of the toaster, add banana slices and whipped cream on top. Fruit and a bit of sugar can add a flavorful blast to cereal as well. Toppings are perfect for adding some extra love to a dish without too many steps.

Make smoothies

Fortunately, one of the easiest breakfast foods to make are smoothies. Smoothies are jam-packed with nutrition. It’s really easy to grab nutritious ingredients like spinach, frozen fruit, and a liquid and put them into the blender. If you want to pack the smoothie with more power, add chia seeds, protein powder, or flax seeds. If you want to use water, that works just fine. For added flavor, you can add a plant-based milk option like soy milk, almond milk, or oat milk. Throw in some vanilla extract for a decadent taste as well. Smoothies can be made with almost anything. Some great additions include oatmeal, peanut butter, cocoa powder, cream, berries, chocolate chips, seeds, and even vegetables like carrots. One of the best things about smoothies is that they are really easy to make and consume on the go.

Keep frozen options on hand

In order to maintain great breakfast ideas when you don’t have much energy, it’s really important to keep the freezer stocked with your “safety net” items. Frozen fruit, veggies, and grains like pancakes and waffles are great for the freezer. By keeping these items on hand, you will always have something to eat on those low energy days.

The kitchen tends to be the heart of any home. If your kitchen is empty, you’re literally taking the lifeforce out of your home. By keeping the kitchen stocked with food and tricks for when you’re too tired to prepare a feast, you’ll be able to maintain a home that’s filled with nourishment, warmth and love.

Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger. She lives and works out of her home in Los Lunas, New Mexico. She loves the outdoors and spends most of her time hiking, biking, and gardening.
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