7 Kid-Friendly Ideas for Summer Activities

If you have kids at home, you need to work on when they are having their summer vacation to keep them active unlike the older the older child you can easily give them household chores to keep them busy and at the same time may help you at home. But aside from giving them the routine tasks at home, you can also let them involve in things that they may enjoy.

Other families or parents are attending family gatherings and busy finding venues like event places in quezon city because summer is only the longest time to gather with their children and grandchildren. The summer camps are getting expensive just like the theme parks, water parks, and other attractions and sometimes the grandparents love to see them but do not know what to do with their grandchildren.

These ideas can not only be cheaply enjoyed but can also be enjoyed while you are attending some events.


There are movie tickets that are just not that cheap and can be cost prohibitive to take the family to see a movie. During summer, there are many theaters that will offer new movies on a certain day each week. You may also let them watch at home, the older ones while you were busy doing something for the day. You are having a headache while leaving the house.


This activity will engage the child to be more creative and costs less in gas in your car or maybe a lunch. You can also vary the activity that you will introduce to them like going to the beach, going hiking, or walking a nearby trail. In these locations, you can also bring your family, like the family gathering, I’m sure they will enjoy the activities with their cousins and grandparents. You can also prepare some treasure map while hiking or in the park for more enjoyable activity.


Keeping out the bored of your child this summer is to see what local museums that may offer to your children. Some museums will provide free admission to special programs for children. You can also watch any admission fees. You are also engaging them to history and widening their knowledge about something in the past until the present.


It will be easy if you are going to continue your child’s learning in a lifelong habit. Sometimes, children stop to learn during the summer break. There are local libraries that will offer a variety of programs like storytelling hours, parties around the popular books for reading, and craft activities.

Photography project

Everyone takes pictures these days. They love photography and making fun of taking pictures. You can also let them use those scrapbook, storybook or college online as a gift for relatives and friends.

Board games

This maybe looks old-fashioned but playing them is popular in bars around the city like the board game nights and trivia nights. Your kids may also like those board games.


This is cheaper also for an outdoor summer activity, the kids will enjoy meeting other people while having the camp and will really enhance their experience. You may also a camping site where there is like campgrounds, tree houses, and overnight lodging areas.

There are other summer activities that you might want to enjoy with your kids that may come into your mind like the road trips, theme parks, visits to Grandma’s house, camping, cruising and having a dip by the pool. The families that are into summer vacation, really do have plans for this season. But to those families that do not have an idea where to and what to do this summer vacation, you can also have the activities listed above for more enjoyable and exciting summer.

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