8 Men’s Accessories that will never go Out of Style

When it comes to fashion, the main focus might be on the clothes, but it is no secret that the way any ensemble is accessorised is what makes or breaks it. Likewise, accessories are what complete an outfit, make it stand out and add the flair that makes it extraordinary.

Now, men’s fashion majorly revolves around the different combinations of the same old trousers, shirts and jackets. And over the years, experts have managed to keep it interesting by incorporating tiny little details and embellishments and accessories into looks that enhance a simple outfit and take it to another level.

Keep scrolling for a list of 10 such accessories that have been around for the last multiple waves of fashion, and experts have it, will continue to be even in the far future.


Besides protecting your eyes from the sweltering heat and sunlight, these swoon-worthy accessories also add the perfect balance of fun and sophistication no matter which type of outfit you wear them with. They could be a three-piece suit, khaki or even denim.


Having been in use for decades as devices that hold trousers together, belts are more of a fashion statement in recent times. Available in posh and attractive leathers and a multitude of buckle types, belts accentuate the divide between the top and bottom of the outfit and complement each clothing item in a way that is pleasing to the eye.


If ever in doubt about accessorizing, just slip on a dapper watch in your favourite material, stainless steel or leather, and you will be good to go. Watches are flattering, classy, and ever in trend, making it a good idea to invest in them at any point in time.


Despite being a few tiny parts of a formal outfit, very few accessories exude the kind of elegance that a luxurious pair of cufflinks do. Invest in a pair of dainty silver cufflinks that will hold together your cuffs and the entire look tastefully.

A man’s wallet

What handbags are to women’s fashion, a man’s wallet is to men’s fashion. These tiny yet essential accessories add not just a visually pleasing element to an ensemble but also the functionality. Available in brown and black leathers, buy man’s wallet online will fit all of your cash, cards, coins and keys. and

Leather bags

From a casual college outfit to a formal meeting outfit, bags have always been a non-skippable part of them. Leather bags, be it a backpack, a duffel bag or a briefcase, add a fresh intrigue to outfits making them absolute must-haves.

Kerchiefs/ Pocket squares

Another accessory that has been an essential embellishment on suits since the beginning of the last century, classy hankies and pocket squares have proven that they are here to stay.


Among the oldest men’s accessories and a necessity from the fashion point of view when it comes to classy functions or meetings, the addition of these ornamental collar pieces instantly elevates a lousy outfit. But instead, it turns it into a crisp and striking one.

Now that the list is in your hands, upgrade your wardrobe by adding your favourite men’s wallets, watches, belts, and cufflinks, and make the world your runway!

Pankaj Sharma is a Digital marketing Consultant and guest blogger. He covers many topics like fashion, lifestyle, food and travel stuff with fun. He's continued blogging and keep on inspiring other bloggers for the living.
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