Do you know how much juice is in a lemon?

Lemon is a very useful fruit in daily life. It contains a lot of essential vitamins, especially vitamin C for our body. If you are a lemon fan, or you usually use lemon juice. Inevitably you always wonder how much juice is in a lemon when squeezed it, right?

The article below will show you the amount of juice that you can use with a lemon. And the way to squeeze more lemon juice.

An average lemon will give you how much juice

We will consider two types of lemon, fresh yellow fruit, one that is used quite a lot. And lime is a green, thick shell, smaller in size than lemon.

When you want to get a lemon juice for a recipe, you can give some estimates. On average, each lemon produces about 3 tablespoons of juice. And with lime it will provide less, is about 2 tablespoons of juice. I think this may be a simple answer to the question “how much juice is in a lemon.”

When you want to use lemon juice as a beverage, you can use 2 tablespoons of juice packed in a bottle. Or you can give 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice, about 1/2 lemon. The use of fresh lemon is always more beneficial when using lemonade in the bottle.

Ways to squeeze more lemon juice from a lemon

The first thing to note to squeeze lemon juice is that you also need to know how to choose the lemon delicious. These are small lemons, but a heavy hand, thin shell, and bruise, when lightly pressed on the shell will see the oil shoots out. There are several ways to lemonade for more juices as follows:

Lightly roll lemon

Before squeezing lemon juice. You should squeeze the lemon and squeeze the lemon on the table several times. Do this until you feel the lemon is soft. Start cutting the limes and squeezing them.

You can also roll lemon a few times, then soak in hot water for 2-3 minutes and squeeze, then squeeze lemon will also give more water.

Use an extractor

You can also use orange juicer juice presses, more effective. Cut the lemons horizontally, and squeeze them like orange. Although orange is bigger than lemon, it can still be squeezed out normally.

Besides, to be able to take full advantage of how much juice is in lemon is maximum. Then you should change the continuum, to ensure we have squeezed out all the juice of the lemon.

Cut vertically

On a regular basis, cut the limes in horizontal directions to squeeze them, but in this way, you can not squeeze lemon juice.

To squeeze more lemon juice, you change the habit by cutting the lemon vertically. Immediately cut, we split the lemon into different parts, and then squeezed one by one, of course, you will get more lemonade than you think it.

Use the microwave

This may sound strange, is not it? However, I recommend trying this method. Especially in the case when you just took the lemon from the refrigerator, the lemon is hard and dry. Immediately put the lemon into the microwave. However, you only have to leave a maximum of 30 seconds. Then let the lemon cool for about 1 minute, then start squeezing the juice. The amount of juice you get from lemons will surprise you.

Or if you do not have a microwave, there is a simpler way, which is easier to do. Lemonade in a bowl of hot water 40 – 500C in about 3 minutes, then bring out the juice.

If you know the tips above, you will have no problem asking how much juice in a lemon right. However, we should also know more about how to preserve lemon, after reciting the formula using them.

Preserved lemon fresh for a long time

Before taking care, we have to make sure the lemons are clean. Add lemon juice to a medium temperature bowl, rub around the lemon by your hands. Not a soaked lemon in water. After washing, wash the lime again with cold water.

The first way to preserve it is to use a bottle with a lid. Put the lemons washed in a bottle, put the water in the pot and cover the lid. Place the bottle in the refrigerator.

By doing this, the lemon peel will be often hydrated and not dry. As a result, lemons can be stored for up to a month. However, in the condition that you do not leave the bottle in the air for too long after each uses.

The way to preserve lemon is to use a vacuum bag. This is convenient if you only intend to buy the lemon for a few days to a week. After washing the lemon, place it in a vacuum bag and seal it, then put it in the refrigerator. In particular, make sure the lemon is dry before putting it in the bag.

If you used half a lemon, the other half preserved like? Same as above, you put lemons in vacuum bags to preserve.

Not for lemon used in the same place with the lemon intact. It will affect the freshness of other lemons. Another note is the use of a clean knife to cut the lemon. Do not use dirty knife arbitrarily because bacteria will make lemon quick to fail.


Through the readings we make, you probably know better how much juice in a lemon. The information has been mentioned; I think it will be useful for everyone. The use of lemon daily is quite common.

So an understanding of it is a necessity. Keep watching us more often, to accumulate for yourself something useful.



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