Types of Butterfly Tattoos And How to Protect Them

Types of Butterfly Tattoos

Often, butterfly tattoos are the popular choice for many women based on various reasons. First, it’s feminine, delicate as well as alluring. In addition, these tattoos provide ample room for design customization. Despite being beautiful, butterfly tattoos designs tend to be versatile; they offer a lot of room for experimentation with shape and color. In this article, we will share you essential information on how to sleep with a new tattoo without suffering pain.

Here are major types of Butterfly tattoos.

1.     Open-winged

Open-winged is the most popular butterfly tattoo style, its look offers the most design options; they can take various formed such as form of a cutesy, a work of art or feminine tattoo but it all depends on the desire of the wearer.

The recipient can choose from the wings’ curvature, antenna appearance, pattern, colors and style they may wish to have. These tattoos can be places at anywhere on your body but most preferably on the back, shoulder or even on the upper arm to give them enough room to fly.

2.     Closed-wing

Though they are less common compared to open-winged but they are still as well as popular and attractive. For recipients who want small tattoos, Closed-wing butterflies are your ideal choice. There are fewer designs options for this style compared to open-winged style.

To get an amazing tattoo, you may consider offsetting the butterfly’s wings slightly. These tattoos are placed on body parts or areas which give your butterfly the appearance of it being perched, most preferable areas being on your ankle or just above the hip.

Butterfly Tattoos

3.      Butterfly Eyes Tattoos

You can describe them as beautiful, hypnotic and exotic. An exclusive work of art they are. Mostly, they replace the circle of the butterfly’s wings with animal or human eyes. In addition, the design is derived from nature itself.

4.      Butterflies from Nature

This style is designed from the real butterflies thus the recipient chooses a tattoo designs which predict a certain type of butterflies from nature. The size of the butterfly tattoos matches the actual size of the chosen type of butterfly as well as its natural colors. Its best placed behind the ears and across shoulders blades.

5.      Tribal Art

Tribal arts tattoos just as its name suggest is designed from tribal artwork. It’s a popular tattoo option. Often, tribal art tattoos are a bit less colorful as compared to traditional tattoos. Typically, they work perfectly in any size and often, the butterflies tend to be solid black.

The best being a larger tattoo with more intricate pattern since small ones might lose many details especially when is done in a single solid color. They are best placed at anywhere on your body but may work perfectly in areas which allow for symmetry like the lower back or even between your shoulder blades.

Other types of butterfly tattoos include;

  • Imaginative designs
  • Groupings
  • Celtic Butterfly Tattoos
  • Celtic Knot Butterflies

How to protect butterfly tattoos from water.

It’s recommended not to submerge your tattoo for at-least 3 weeks after being tattooed. This is to avoid cases of bacterial infection and having a faded design as water washes off the ink. You can use coconut oil or aquafor to moisturize your butterfly tattoo during the healing process.

It’s advisable not to go swimming until your scrap tissue falls off naturally which can take up-to 4 weeks. But if you are in a position where you have to submerge your tattoo then; you can tightly wrap your tattoo using a waterproof material and a coating such as a petroleum jelly though it won’t work perfectly but at-least reduced chances of bacterial infections and ink bleaching.


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