Summer is a season where there is increased heat and humidity. Most of the people want to be outdoors to enjoy the warmer weather. The beach and swimming pools are especially favourite places as people like taking a dip in the water to cool off or just staying by the seaside to enjoy the ocean breeze. Staying outdoor can cause havoc on one’s skin due to the exposure to the weather elements.

The summer sun is known to cause drying of the skin, excess oil production, fine lines, and wrinkles. Make-up and skin wrinkle creams that work may only mask the problem. There is the need to solve the problem from the cause or to avoid it altogether. Skincare routines wrongly implemented coupled with the harsh weather can especially be hazardous. Here are a few pointers to help you get the best out of the summer without your skin taking the hit.

Shaving before showering

Everybody wants to be fresh and neat after taking that cold refreshing shower during the summer time. Therefore, it’s no surprise that most women prefer to shave their armpits, bikini lines, and legs right before the shower so that they can clean away all the murk together.

However, the fact of the matter is that hydrated hairs are easier to cut. Hence, it is easier to achieve a cleaner and neater shave once you have first hydrated the hairs with the water and steam. You can then rinse away.

Skipping some body parts when moisturizing

The armpits and the bikini lines are the biggest culprits for this point. Most people think that just applying the deodorant will do the magic while this is not the case. The bikini lines and armpits, having been shaved, actually need more moisturizer than we care to imagine.

This is because these parts have been shaven hence are likely to get irritated and dried out. After showering, the ideal way to go about it is to pat dry the body, moisturize the entire body then put on the deodorant.

Rubbing dry instead of patting dry

After leaving the shower, most people are in the obvious hurry to step into the summer sun. They, therefore, end up rubbing themselves dry with the towel instead of taking a time to pat themselves gently dry. The rubbing causes skin irritation.

Nobody wants an irritated skin when the in-thing in fashion is shorts, bikinis, and miniskirts! Therefore, taking a time to blot away the wetness by patting dry is a very important pointer to keep in mind.

Wearing clothes right after getting out of the shower

Skincare is a routine. Routines are made up of a series of steps, each one playing a very vital role in achieving the desired results. Wearing clothes the minute you get out the shower makes you skip some these steps. For starters, applying sunscreen will help you to avoid the vagaries of the scorching sun once you step out.

Applying a moisturizer helps to lock in the moisture that you just gained from the shower hence avoiding over-drying once you step out. For those with wrinkles and fine lines, putting on a wrinkle cream that works helps you to not only feel and look beautiful but also to avoid the formation of more wrinkles.

The assumption that sunscreen is used when you only go outside

When you are in indoors, you are not exposed to the sun. Hence, you do need sunscreen, right? Well, wrong! Sunscreen should be used at all times and applied to all the exposed parts of the skin. The sun’s rays infiltrate through the windows and can give you sunburns even when you are in the comfort of your living room on your favourite couch that is positioned next to a window. Travelling in cars also has the same effect. Putting on sunscreen, therefore, is a must daily skin care routine regardless of whether you are indoors or outside.


Summer is an exciting time when almost everyone is outside. Looking good is part of the season as the fashion trends at that time involve short, skimpy light clothes. Many people go all wrong on skin care routines and end up with wrinkled, dry or oily skin that they wish that they took better care of.

The aftermath is looking for wrinkle creams that work or making endless visits to the dermatologist. Among the wrong skin care routines is shaving before showering, rubbing with a bathing towel instead of blotting, skipping on moisturizer and sunscreen, wearing clothes right after stepping out of the shower and skipping on sunscreen when indoors. Avoiding these blunders can go a long way in ensuring that you look and feel great all through the summer season.

Ben Arnold is a freelance writer and health and beauty advisor. Through his advanced studies, he has gain enormous experience in this field. In his free time, he loves to read books and enjoy music.
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