8 Oral Hygiene Tips for Healthy, White Teeth

Whiter brighter teeth! It carries a lot of benefits. The one major benefit that you all will agree to is that having whiter and brighter teeth gives you picture perfect look 😉

In this era when social media is flooded with photographs all, you need I a glowing vibrant smile, that will make all the difference.
Everyone wants that ear to ear smile but only a few of them actually work for it. Only a few pay the heed to make sure that their daily routine involves the action for their mouth. We think that because we are brushing daily, our teeth will be healthy. But apart from brushing daily, there are other things that one should look into for getting the healthy and glowing smile.
The things listed below will help you to keep your mouth healthy, germ-free and will help to get the picture-perfect smile.

Say goodbye to your toothbrush

For healthy teeth, it is very important that you say goodbye to your teeth often. Change your toothbrush after every 3 months or once it wears off. Using old or worn off toothbrush will increase the bacterial flow which can be harmful. Moreover, continuing brushing with such toothbrush will be of less advantage. Along with saying goodbye make sure that you use the toothbrush properly. Make the circular strokes around your teeth and be gentle. Abrasive brushing will lead to tooth damage rather than preventing it from being damaged. If possible visit your dentist and learn the art of brushing. Yes, brushing is an art that helps to keep the teeth clean.

Opt for a white and healthy diet

If you have the habit of smoking, then make sure that you visit your dentist often. Smoking can cause harm to your teeth making them stained or can also affect the gums. Also, people who drink wine, cola, black coffee or tea often can be exposed to stained teeth. as a result, make sure that you visit your dentist often and get it cleaned after every 6 months or as recommended by your doctor.
Go for teeth friendly products such as apples, nuts, cheese, green vegetables, etc. Having crunchy food helps your teeth to be healthy as it contains more fiber. It is important for kids to have hard and crunchy food as it helps to create space for all the teeth to accommodate in the mouth.

Keep your Tongue Clean

In the rush to brush our teeth and be ready we tend to miss out on the other important part of the mouth i.e. the tongue. Whenever you brush just to make sure that you clean your tongue as well. This helps to get rid of the bacteria on the tongue which otherwise will be missed and will keep your breath afresh. And instead of using your brush to do so, use the tongue scraper. Make this to be a part of your daily routine as then you will get used to it.

Keep your breath afresh

To know your breath lick on your wrist, let it dry and then smell. If it smells bad, then that’s your breath. If you feel that you have the issue of bad breath, then go for chewing sugar-free mint. This will keep your breath fresh. You can also opt for mouthwash, but make sure that the mouthwash is alcohol-free, else it will dry your mouth tissues making them susceptible to bacteria.

Floss like a Boss

In order to keep your teeth germ free, go with flossing. Try and do it without looking in the mirror. It will be difficult in the beginning but eventually, you will learn it and will, therefore, be able to floss anywhere to keep your teeth clean. Floss helps you to reach out to the area which is hard to reach with the help of the brush.

Brushing at Night makes all things right

We all know that it is very important to brush your teeth twice a day. But it is extremely important before going to bed. This is because you have been consuming the food since morning which has led to the bacterial movement in your mouth. Not brushing at night will increase the bacterial rush during the night which can harm your teeth causing cavities or other damage.

Water is precious

You’ve always come across articles where you’ve read how important is the consumption of water for your overall health. But not just overall health, it is important for your oral health as well. Drinking water after meals can help to get rid of the sticky material on your teeth and also helps to get rid of the negative effects of various other food and beverage.

Be regular to your dentist

Lastly never forget to visit your dentist. Make sure you visit them every 6 months to ensure that your teeth are healthy. They will help in detecting the disease if any in the very starting stage, thus, helping you to get rid of the same as soon as possible as leaving it for a longer time will create a problem that will demand more time and money to cure. Take dentist appointment after the said time and ensure that your teeth stay healthy. As ignoring it might lead to cavity and avoiding even that for long time will lead to increase in tooth cavity filling cost.

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