8 Tips for Keeping Your Skin Healthy When on Vacation

Vacations come with many festivities, a change of environment, and sometimes unhealthy eating. All these factors significantly affect your skin and may cause breakouts or sunburns on your body. Apart from relaxing while on vacation, it is essential to take pictures for memories. You want to look good in these pictures for your family and friends to see you looking good. The skin is the body’s coat, and it shows if there is any disease in the body. Some of the tips to consider to keep your skin healthy when on vacation include.

Stick to the Usual Routine

After introducing face cleansing and exfoliating techniques on your face and body, it is vital to stick to the routine. If you cleanse your face daily, try and continue following the same procedure. Know the climate of your vacation destination and incorporate new products that work best in the environment. Vacations come with high anxiety levels and stress but protecting your face should be a priority.

Invest In Travel Size Products

It is essential to carry miniature versions of products when packing your luggage. You can purchase small travel bottles and pour some products into them. Carry some face wipes when traveling, and use them when removing makeup before using your cleansing products. Carry face wipes around to clean your hands before touching your face. Packing a couple of gel face masks will go a long way in maintaining your skin care routine without using up too much space in your bag.

Healthy Skin

Stay Hydrated

Hydrating your body is necessary; failure to do this, your skin gets greatly affected. Most of the travel destinations are humid and sunny. Therefore taking plenty of water is vital for the skin. Doctors recommend taking two liters daily, but you can take more. Constant hydration smooths your skin, making it glow.

Carry Sunscreen

Most people prefer traveling to areas exposed to the sun, probably near the beach. When packing for your vacation, carry your sunscreen and ensure it contains SPF. Apply sunscreen after every few hours. It helps protect your skin from sunburns which tend to be irritating to your skin.

Skip a Day or Two of Makeup

Applying makeup on vacations is not advisable because you spend most of the time outside interacting with people. Let your skin adapt to the new environment by staying bare-faced and letting your skin pores relax and breathe. Instead, moisturize your skin. It helps it always stay hydrated and healthy. Developing acne or breaking out is common for most people when they travel, but with the right moisturizer, your face and body will be pleasing.

Take Care of Your Lips

Most people forget that lips are part of your skin and need maintenance on the same level as the rest of the body. The lips tend to crack when exposed to a very cold or hot climate. The feeling that comes with cracked lips is significantly irritating. Constant moisturizing of your lips by applying ointment is essential.

Avoid Putting Your Hands on Your Face

Hands touch many surfaces during your vacation time. Try devising a mechanism of not touching your face unless you have sanitized your hands or during your face routine procedure. Always carry wet wipes or sanitizer and use them constantly. During vacations, you tend to visit areas where you meet other people. Most surfaces get exposed to unknown bacteria that may harm your face.

Have Enough Sleep

Most people party all night during vacations and only sleep for a few hours. Remember, the recommended time allowed to sleep is seven to eight hours. Lack of enough sleep causes eye bags that are not appealing on your face. It also makes your skin pale. You must get enough sleep during the night to avoid missing out on some of the daily activities, or you may need more energy to enjoy the tourist activities. Having cocktails all night is not advisable because the effects are vivid on your skin. A hangover in the middle of your vacation will ruin your entire mood.


Going on vacations is the best thing ever. It helps you escape from reality and eases your mind by allowing your body to relax. Despite all this, you should not let your skin suffer.

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