An All-in-one Guide to Liver Disease Problems and Solutions

Known as the largest gland in the body, the liver is undoubtedly one of the most critical organs in the body and that too for many good reasons. Firstly, the liver acts both as an endocrine and a secretory gland that ensures proper digestion and maintains the overall functionality of other organs. Secondly, it performs the action of waste transmission to the intestine that is one of the most essential functions of the liver. But what happens when you get to know that this vital organ in the body is going through a disorder?

While liver problems can be both congenital and acquired mostly due to bad lifestyle, the congenital liver defects are rare. Thanks to the technological advancements such as Southern Blotting and its application electrophoresis, the diagnosis of liver diseases has been streamlined. The detection technique of Southern Blotting starts right from electrophoresis, which can help in diagnosing a list of genetic diseases. Although efforts are being made to test genetic liver diseases, there are some methods that you should follow as an individual to keep your liver healthy. Take a look at few of them:

Lower or No Consumption of Alcohol

Since the liver performs a lot of vital functions, filtering alcohol is not at all healthy. Regular consumption of alcohol destroys liver cells which lead to life-threatening liver diseases. Make certain of putting a break on frequent consumption of alcohol or stop it completely if possible. Focus on rehab centers if you have a regular drinking habit in order to get in touch with the counselors who can help you out.

Drop Some Portion Sizes

When it comes to major liver problems and well-being of your liver, alcohol is not the only threatening risk. According to a US-based survey, it was reported that a considerable portion of the total population faces NAFLD or non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases, where the main causes associated with liver disease were found to be obesity or excessive weight. As a matter of fact, some medical experts even predicted that obesity will surpass alcohol consumption to become the leading cause of detrimental liver problems. Drop some enormous portions from your regular diet and make sure that you intake a decent amount of daily calorie and nothing more than that. You can also take part in fitness programs that are directed towards weight loss campaigns.

Cut Down Fizzy Drinks

Artificial sweeteners that are the main product of soft drinks are one of the major causes of NAFLD, according to a recently conducted research at one of the universities in the US. Switch to organic drinks such as coconut water, birch water or maple water.

Drink Enough Water

Maintaining proper liver health has a lot to do with your daily intake of water, as one of the important functions of the liver is to flush out the body toxins in form of liquid. The blood can thicken if you do not pay attention to your daily water consumption and most likely hinder the toxin filtration.

Coffee Promotes Liver Health

As per the US National Cancer Institute, the consumption of decaffeinated coffee can decrease the levels of the abnormal liver enzymes. Therefore, drinking two or three cups of decaffeinated coffee will ensure the better functioning of your liver.


Paying attention to your liver health is of utmost importance, owing to the fact that its malfunctioning can lead to life-threatening diseases. Keep these points in mind and start focusing on your liver health from today!

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