Can you rent a knee walker?

If you have just had a foot injury or an ankle surgery, you are probably on rest. Once you are allowed to walk out and about, you cannot stress on the injured leg. This alternative means you need a walking aid. You might think of options like crutches or wheelchairs, but they make you feel more disabled than you actually are. Here, we will tell you about an advanced walker that can help you make way in a happier manner.

You will be surprised to know that the knee walkers look like push scooters and they match up to the pace. These help you get back on your feet after you face a leg injury and take the help of your upper body and the healthy leg.

You will be happier to know that you rent a knee walker rather than buying them. With the help of places like the you can get the best of knee walker rental options. You get to choose the walker that suits you movement and try it out. You get time too maneuver and use the walker till your hands are set on it. There are many advantages of taking a walker on rent rather than buying it. We hope your leg is in a healing state and will get back its strength. Thus, you don’t need to use a walker forever. You can take a walker on rent for the recovery period and resume back to work and usual life.

How does a knee walker work?

Using a knee walker can be easy and super intuitive. You simply rest the injured leg on the cushioned platform and propel yourself with the healthy foot. The easy-to-use brake helps you stay safe and allow you control each every movement. The product comes with bicycle brakes so you can control the speed and pause wherever you need.

You might have heard of these walkers to be an alternative to crutches. Traditionally, people used to use crutches to recover from a leg injury. However, people had to put up with discomfort. These often pained shoulders, upper back, neck, and created soreness to the ones who used. Not to forget the stress on the armpit that supports the crutch.

The knee scooter rental is available in many convenient models and they are specifically designed to accommodate aspects like injury, body type and weight. Check the following types of knee walkers that you will find on rent:

  1. Basic knee walker – these support 300 pounds of weight. It features narrow wheel width and help you get in and out of the tight spaces. It is an economic and non-steering model and is easy on the budget.
  2. Free spirit knee walker – these support 400 pounds of weight and features dual loop hand brakes. The durable wheels of 8 inches ensure more support and agility.
  3. Northrup Knee Walker – these also support 400 pounds and features tool free height adjustment with easy folding. It is perfect to travel outdoors and you can take it to work.

With the help of these products, you can regain your normal lifestyle and speed. Use these knee walkers on rent so that you don’t have to pay a hefty amount to buy the product or find it useless once you have healed.

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