Effects of poor dental hygiene on your physical and mental health

Studies have long confirmed that poor oral health could lead to issues to the body. Researchers are proved how any oral disease can negatively affect the general wellbeing of the body. Which means, you might have a lot of physical and mental health issues if your dental health is not right. Your oral care might be a reason behind whether you are healthy or not. Cavities and tooth decay and gum diseases are not the only problems you will due to poor oral hygiene as its repercussions are far and wide in terms of your body.

Here are some of effects of poor oral hygiene on your physical and mental health –

1. Cardiovascular/ heart disease

You should not be surprised to know that poor oral hygiene could lead to cardiovascular or heart disease. This happens due to the bacteria in the mouth which are so common with gum issues. The same bacteria can enter the bloodstream and reach to different body parts, including the heart arteries. This often leads to the hardening of the arterial walls causing an increase in blood pressure. And when the blood pressure is on the higher side, there is always a risk of stroke or heart attack.

2. Respiratory infections

Poor oral hygiene leads to growth and development of bacteria. The bacteria from your gum disease can easily enter the bloodstream and reach to different parts in the body to cause problem. The same happens when someone breaths in bacteria from inflamed gums into the lungs. Or, the bacteria can also enter the lungs can infect the organ badly over time. This is how respiratory infections are caused in people not good with their regular oral care. You can start giving more focus to your teeth and gums to minimize the risk of such infections.

3. Diabetes

Poor oral hygiene or poor dental health could lead to diabetes. Or, diabetics are more susceptible to gum disease or other dental health problems. Which means, if you have diabetes, chances of your being struck with periodontal disease are higher than normal folks. Such persons will also find it tough to control their insulin levels. Clearly, not taking care of your oral health may make it difficult to manage the blood glucose levels in the body. So, you should never take oral care lightly else it could pose grave health risks in the long run.

4. Cancer

People with poor dental hygiene may carry the risk of developing oral and throat cancer. More than hygiene, it’s the bad oral practices such as smoking or tobacco use that can increase the likelihood of developing cancer. Using tobacco in any form means you make the body or oral cavity exposed to carcinogenic elements. More importantly, people with poor oral hygiene are more likely to fall prey to tobacco product use. So, you should stay away from any habit that has the risk of cancer.

5. Depression

Poor oral hygiene could cause you depression, not in a direct manner but indirectly, particularly when you’re one of those persons extremely conscious about your looks. For example, if you have any dental problem such as tooth decay, this might dent the beauty of your smile and ruin your facial charms greatly. Even people with a missing natural tooth are made to feel embarrassment and ridicule in the society. This can get your self-esteem and confidence levels plummeting to send you into a bout of depression.

6. Anxiety disorders

Dental problems can lead to anxiety, which is a mental disorder. Any issue with your teeth and gums may impact your overall appearance. With dental issue, you may find it difficult to speak or strike a conversation with others. Some people may lose their self-confidence when their teeth look bad or ugly. All these can impact mental health in a big way. For that reason, you should never take your dental health lightly and always focus on following oral care routine as told by the dentist.

7. Dementia

Inflamed gums is a major dental issue. Poor oral hygiene causes this where bacteria can enter the bloodstream and reach different parts of the body to harm greatly. Some of those bacteria can also reach in the brain and damage the cells which can gradually lead to memory loss or dementia. For that reason, you should consult a top Nassau dental office regularly and get yourself checked timely to stay on top of your dental health. Only this will ensure healthy teeth and gums in true sense.

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