Hiking Wanderlust: 6 of World’s Most Breathtaking Hiking Trails

Traveling is in itself an exhilarating activity: you get to see different places, their sights and meet interesting people. Those people who are more for a proactive travel experience know that hiking is the best activity to move around. Not only can you enjoy stunning landscapes from angles that not many people get to experience, but you are being physically active all the while. It’s a win-win situation in which you will bring great memories home. The locations for such adventures are scattered all over the globe, but we have compiled a list of the 6 most breathtaking hiking trails that every true hiker simply has to trek in his or her lifetime.

Inca Trail in Peru

Peruvian countryside harbors a pearl of hiking. The path, approximately 34 kilometers long, stretches from the foothills all the way to the clouds, literally. The 15th century Inca city of Machu Picchu lies high in the Eastern Cordillera Mountains in southern Peru. This is where the Inca Trail ends, having followed the actual Inca pathway for some ¾ of the entire way. Hiking this route means that you will be tracing back the footsteps of this ancient civilization. This journey lasts for some four days and guides and hiking gear such as tents are required. The most rewarding stretch of this trail is its very end, as you have a chance to take a picture against the backdrop of a mountaintop looming over the ancient city ruins.

Nepal Circuits

Nepal hiking

The Himalayas are divided between several countries, but the only true mountainous state is Nepal. The Annapurna circuit, for instance, is a track that is right next to climbing Mount Everest but without the hardships and the dangers. Once you settle in the base camp, you can go trekking with only water, snacks and the clothes you have on. The length of the track can vary significantly, from 150 to 250 kilometers, depending on your abilities and wishes. The entire circuit takes about 14 days to complete, but there are shorter options as more and more parts of the track are becoming accessible by motorized vehicles. The peak months to plan your journey are April and November. Take notice, because of the severe weather conditions, this circular trail is not for the faint of heart. Since Nepal is such a picturesque region, don’t forget to look into other activities you can take up while staying there.

Tasmania – Tasman Peninsula

Tasmania hiking track

The beautiful nature of Tasmania, the island pearl off the coast of Australia, offers by far the most exotic trails in the world. Firstly, there is no need to carry a backpack since the local tour-operators have all-inclusive offers. The landscape is a mixture of oceanside cliffs and inland forests, especially along the 48 kilometers long breathtaking Three Capes track. This track takes four days and three nights to complete, during which you have a chance to try the local cuisine. There is even the possibility of a scenic helicopter ride that takes only three hours. How cool is that!

Skye, Scotland

Skye Scothland hiking

The North of Europe might not be as exotic as Tasmania, but it too has hidden hiking gems. One such natural beauty is the island of Skye in the northwest of Scotland. It is popular for all kinds of outdoor activities, hiking being one of them. You can either walk the Quiraing, the largest landslide in the country or climb the Cuillin summit which one of the best hiking area in the entire of UK. The latter is more demanding and requires some climbing experience and a guide.

Trolltunga Norway

Trolltunga Norway

In general, all of Norway’s hiking trails age recently gaining popularity. This is because they take hikers through the surreal beauty of fjords and cliffs that are perfect for selfies. The entire experience can prove to a life-changing one. The jewel of these trails is Trolltunga, a far-away place that is worth the trip. It is relatively short, taking only 10 hours to complete even for the slowest of hikers. The entire distance an individual covers is around 23 kilometers, mostly up and down the rocky landscape.

Mount Rinjani in Lombok, Indonesia


This is perhaps the easiest trek on our list but it has, arguably, the prettiest scenery. Located near a volcano caldera, it takes hikers through a labyrinth of thermal springs, tropical forest, and cliffs. All this lasts for some three days and two nights. The cheapest solution is for you to book on site, as online booking can be costly. Although the entire trek is moderate in difficulty level the final ascend to the top is troublesome for many so they quit. If you do make it up there, you get a chance for a view of a lifetime.

All in all, hiking is an activity in which the entire world is your playground. From the island of Tasmania to the island of Skye, our planet has thousands of breathtaking trails to discover. The 6 we listed here are a good starting point for global trekking.

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