Pamper Yourself with Skin Creams

Skin Care in Today’s Lifestyle

If considered facial skin is that part of the body that are subjected to the maximum amount of stress, tension, strong lights and even UV rays. Therefore, the skin gets puffed, dark circles and crows feet are also formed in some cases. Body skin might also develop irritation and rashes, it can also chap and crack if not taken care in early ages.  Facial skin is also prone to wrinkles and various other types and forms of skin damage. Therefore, it should be made a point to keep the areas under the eyes well hydrated and moisturized. This is what we achieve with the use of under eye creams.

The best of the under eye creams and skin creams that are available are pocket-friendly starting from $18 and most of them have a validity of 18 months. A daily application of a peanut size dollop of cream on the under eyes helps the eye skin to retain its moisture throughout the day. And using skin sensitive moisturizer as a part of day care and night care prevents the skin from wrinkles, aging and dulling.

Benefits of using skin creams

As discussed there are a lot of benefits of daily usage of skin creams. Let us discuss the benefits of using the skin creams.

#1 Wrinkles:

It is easily arguable that there is no remedy to stop wrinkles. The best way to reduce wrinkles is to take as much early skin care as is possible. And as the skin is subjected to much rough usage like tugging, pulling, and rubbing (thanks to applying and removing the makeup), skin care creams should be applied as early as possible so as to prevent wrinkling and skin damage. 

#2 Texture:

It is very important part of beauty regime to take care of the skin texture. Skin Care creams should be an important part of the daily beauty regime for those people who have dry skin and the tendency of forming dark eye circles and crow’s feet under their eyes. Besides, applying under eye creams daily would ensure that the under eye skin is kept oil-free. 

#3 Moisturization:

The skin under the eye gets devoid of moisture very soon thanks to the make up we use every day. Therefore, we should apply a dollop of the under eye cream to retain the skin moisture. A peanut size dollop of cream is enough to work wonder and boost the under eye nerves and helps them work optimally, thus reducing the stress and the puffiness.


The Best Skin Creams those are available

From nourishing skin masks to creams that provide rehydration for the skin. The list has got the finest collection of skin creams that would help you in choosing the one which is perfect for you.

#1 Kora Organics: The Noni Glow Collection:Priced at $182, this one-stop collection of Noni’s glow collection will help you in taking the three-way protection of the First of all, it smoothens the skin. Then it helps in the lightening and brightening of the skin. The Glow Collection comprises the Noni Glow Face Oil, Noni Glow Body Oil, Noni Glow Skin Food Supplement and the Noni Glow Heart Chakra. 

#2 Oriflame Milk and Honey Gold Nourishing Hand and Body Cream: The pleasant fragrance is the Best USP of using this cream. This light and non greasy consistency cream help in retaining the skin moisture and dehydrating the skin and the hands. After using the cream leaves the body with a smooth and satiny The skin comes in generous quantities as a little goes a long way.


#3 Lakme Complexion Care Cream: A cream from a brand name that is easily recognized by thousands. This skin cream actually serves a dual Not only does it moisturizes and repairs skin damage but it also acts as a light foundation and a concealer. It easily spreads across the skin and moisturizes and rehydrates the skin. The cream also comes with SPF 20 for adequate sun protection.

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