Summer Crush: Fashion Swimsuits

As we all know summer is one of the seasons that the majority enjoy, it could be for the vacations, for the warmth that allows us to go to the beach or for the options and varieties that we have at the time of dressing.

The favorite part of many ladies is that they can be more versatile when it comes to fashion and for summer a must have is the swimsuit and most of all a fashionable one and that allows every woman to feel beautiful. Should the clouds dull over during the summer, you can always pick up a wool blanket to keep you cozy during those chilly spells.

Here are some recommendations to be “IN” in the summer for those who like the beach and are weak with swimsuits.

What you should know first

When it comes to getting a swimsuit or bikini you must consider that this enhances your silhouette and before making any decision you should study your body type and define what are the kinds of swimsuits that favour it.

Body Types

There are different options of body type and you should know which one is yours: apple, pear, square or inverted triangle, and then, look for the best options with which you feel comfortable and define your personality.

Swimsuits options

Bikinis of high panties: essential if you want to show off your curves and for the thinnest girls, they are the best solution since they can compensate the silhouette by focusing their attention on the waist.

Bardot neckline: very feminine designs that enhance the figure in a subtle and elegant way. In addition, well combined with the bottom part, they are able to compensate the upper and lower zone, visually creating an almost perfect hourglass silhouette.

Swimwear with a pronounced neckline: It seems that something is clear when it comes to one of two pieces the bandeau necklines are the winners.

One-piece swimsuits: before the bikini arrived, this piece was the undisputed summer queen. In the eighties it regained strength, betting on designs with pronounced necklines and cuts that made his legs a mile long. Now it is back with the most varied and patterned models that adapt to the tastes of all the girls.

Striped swimsuits: It’s one of the most flattering prints, especially if you choose in the right direction and with the most appropriate shape. In the swimsuits, the most advisable thing is to choose a design that draws them vertically, that way you will be able to stylize your silhouette and it will give the sensation that your legs are longer. If your silhouette is rather straight and you would like to gain some volume, bet on a bikini and choose this print in horizontal.

Flower print: It is one of the favourites of spring but also for the summer. And not only the star in dresses… also swimsuits and bikinis. The best thing about this type of pattern is that choosing it in the correct size, it can help us achieve what we want to achieve with our silhouette.

Splashed with polka dots: this type of print is the key to feel elegant even in a swimsuit, this can be mixed with other trends.

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