Tips on Keeping your Wedding Ring in Good Condition

No matter the look, the design, and the stones present, your wedding ring is an invaluable piece of jewelry that serves as a memento of your and your beloved’s memories and commitments. Its value goes beyond the financial aspect as it also has a value representing a couple’s bond.  Wedding rings are so valuable that your children can even inherit yours.

To keep your wedding ring in good condition, follow these steps to ensure that they won’t degrade.

Clean Your Wedding Ring

Since you’ll likely wear your ring every day, it will inevitably get dirty from both dirt and oil from your skin. You can use warm water and mild dishwashing liquid with a soft toothbrush to clean your ring.

You can choose to have a trusted jeweler check on your ring to have it thoroughly cleaned.

Have Your Trusted Jeweler Check the Ring

Your jeweler can identify any potential problems in your ring that might need fixing, including broken prongs, loose settings, worn metal, and bent rings.

Should you want to know how to clean your ring yourself, you can ask your jeweler for tips on cleaning it yourself.

Take the Ring Off When Needed

People tend to wear their wedding rings every day, even while doing chores, that often leads to wear and tear. Consider taking them off to keep them from receiving damages or having slipped from your fingers when slippery thanks to soap.

Storing Your Diamonds Separately

When storing wedding rings, it is advisable to keep them separate from other jewelry, especially diamond jewels, since they can cause scratches on one another.

Having your wedding ring insured is a wise choice as it ensures that you won’t need to worry anything financially should anything happen to it. Wedding rings represent the love, the bond, the memories, and the commitment between a couple, which makes extremely valuable in a relationship.

To know more about keeping your wedding ring in good condition, see this infographic by Adeva Jewellery.

Maria Adeva-Dizon is the owner of Adeva Jewellery, a fine grade manufacturer made to order jewellery and a trader for his and hers. It is her deep passion, strong business mindset and her mother that inspired her to venture and expand the jewellery business.
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