Why Smoking Is Injurious To Your Dental Health?

That smoking has bad effects on your overall health needs no prove. A lot of study has already been done to establish a connection between the use of tobacco and general health risks. And not many know oral health is among the biggest casualties due to the habit of smoking. It’s something that effects your teeth, mouth, gums and jawbone greatly. In fact, the more you smoke, the worse your oral health gets over a period of time resulting in the risk of dental decay and periodontal disease. For that reason, people craving for pearly whites and healthy gums never take to smoking, ever.

Here are ways to show how smoking can be injurious to your dental health as well –

Tooth stains
Have you ever seen someone hiding away their smile? Chances are, he/she might be having stained or discolored teeth which causes embarrassment. Most likely, smoking must have brought them to that extent because it causes tooth stains and overall tooth discoloration. It has score of chemicals that get left behind and gradually, give the teeth a yellowish tinge. If not treated time, such stains may even lead to dental decay risk.

Bad breath
Smokers generally have a stinking breath. You just can’t stand next to them. You might feel like vomiting as such repulsive is the nature of stink coming out of their mouth. Despite using chewing gums or other similar refreshment options, the smoker’s breath continues to wreak havoc due to the tar and nicotine settled onto their teeth and gums. This is also the reason behind gum disease resulting in the ever-present danger of tooth loss.

Tooth Decay
The build-up of dental plaque in the mouth is a major cause of tooth decay. It helps in the growth of harmful bacteria which gradually degenerates the teeth. The same plaque, if not removed early, can get harder which even dentists find difficult to remove. This eventually becomes the reason of tartar causing cavity and leading to tooth decay. So, if you love your teeth, smoking should be the last thing on your mind for sure.

Gum Disease
Smoking comes with severe risks of gum disease. In fact, smokers are more likely to suffer from acute type of periodontal disease than the rest. The major reason behind this is the tobacco or it impairs the functioning of the gum tissue cells. When the amount of tobacco goes up, it makes the gums damaged and gradually weakens them as they are no longer firmly attacked with the bone. If you have been smoking for years, go and get yourself checked for gum disease.

Tooth Loss
Smokers are always at an increased risk of tooth loss than average persons. With the use of tobacco, there will be danger of advanced periodontitis which is the major cause of bone deterioration. And when the bone weakens, can you expect the tooth to stay intact? The tar and nicotine can damage gums to a severe extent leading to dental decay situation over the years. If you crave for healthy teeth and gums, smoking has to pave way to good habits and superior oral care routine for sure.

Oral Cancer
9 out of every ten oral care patients are smokers. This should definite scare those who find momentary pleasure in smoking hard to resist. In fact, you habit of smoking carries a risk of oral or mouth cancer which is, needless to say, fatal in nature. Rather than getting stuck in the rut, take steps to quit the bad habit today. After that, consult a best dental clinic in New York and get complete cleanings and oral examination.

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