You Need This: 7 Ways to Use a Survival Knife When You’re on Outdoor Camping

When you’re on a journey to explore the wilderness, it’s important that you include a survival knife in your camping essentials. A survival knife can be a huge help for you when you’re on the trail or the camping site for completing basic camping tasks or when an emergency happens along the way.

However, most newbie campers often fail or forget to bring this indispensable camping tool. Thus, before you embark on your first outdoor camping, it’s crucial that you get a refresher about the different uses of a survival knife when you’re camping. So, for a little help, here’s a list of ways on how you can use a survival knife on your camping trip.

Building a Shelter

Building your camp or shelter means that you have to clear space to complete it. A survival knife will be your go-to tool to make this particular camping task quicker and with more efficiency. It’s a useful tool in cutting down tree branches for camp padding, clearing shrubs or bushes, and cutting ropes to make your tent.


When you failed to bring a small shovel for your outdoor camping, your survival knife can be a useful alternative. This camping tool can do the job of digging a hole for toilet purposes.

However, it’s still a must to keep in mind that a survival knife is not an ideal tool for digging as it can damage the knife or dulls the blade more quickly. (Remember: it’s only a good alternative if you forgot to bring a shovel).

Hunting for Food

There are camping areas where you aren’t allowed to bring a rifle to hunt for food. As such, it’s a good option for this purpose to bring a survival knife instead. It may be a complicated process to use a survival knife for food hunting purposes, but it will help you to do such task as killing animals for your next meal.

Collecting Firewood

Carrying an ax on your outdoor camping will be cumbersome for obvious reasons. Thus, If you want to cut wood or split them into bits, your survival knife can be a practical and portable alternative to do that.

Most survival knives that you can find nowadays are big and sharp enough to chop firewood. With it, you can now collect wood to create fire for cooking or heating purposes. Now, if you want a high-quality survival knife for your next camping, you can check sites like Aussie Disposals for it.

Cutting Meat

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, an excellent knife is a must when the time comes for cooking food. Unless you like to eat factory-processed foods while you’re on an outdoor campout, a survival knife is essential for you to avoid getting starved out there in the wild.

A survival knife is essential in cutting the animal meat, slicing vegetables, or cleaning fishes you caught in the nearby lake. It’s even useful in opening canned goods that you bring for your camping.

First Aid

Your survival knife should be included in your first-aid kit when you go on camping. It’s because you can use it in cutting bandages or in cutting up a cloth for use as a bandage. A survival knife will also be useful in taking splinters off of you when you’re out hiking in the wild.


Camping out in the wilderness can be a little bit dangerous because of the wild animals roaming around or lying in ambush for their next victims. Not only wild animals though but you’ll never know if there’s a bad guy who might harm you along the way.

Thus, it will be ideal that you have a self-defense weapon in you when you go on camping. As such, a survival knife can help in protecting yourself from such situations.


A survival knife is an essential thing to bring with you when you go on camping. It has a lot of uses for completing basic camping tasks as well as in assisting you when there are emergencies. Therefore, you should see to it that you bring a survival knife.

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