10 Conditions That are Not Favorable for Eyebrow Embroidery

Among the latest fashion trends, microblading has always helped to make the eyebrows look beautiful. But, the beauty expert would not move ahead with the treatment in case the skin condition is not good. So, before you think about the art, you should go through the conditions that aren’t favourable for eyebrow embroidery.

Individuals who have keloids or thin skin shouldn’t think about going for microblading. This is because the entire procedure is done with the help of a hand-held device that makes incisions. The small needles can actually lead to many consequences in the long run.  But, depending on the overall skin condition, the powder technique can be thought of as an alternative method.

Beauty experts don’t recommend microblading for individuals who are suffering from AIDS or hepatitis. AS the HIV virus enters the bloodstream, the immune system becomes weak.

Consequently, this considerably affects the healing process once the pigments are injected with the help of needles. Even if the treatment enhances the beauty, blood would always ooze out and may not cease to flow.

If the person has filled the eyebrows with Botox, then it’s always a good idea to opt for microblading. But, to get the desired results, the expert may suggest the person wait for at least four weeks.

This would help to inject the pigment without worrying about the chemical reaction between botox and the pigments. As the time rolls by, micro balding can be considered to be safe without thinking about any side effects.

Individuals who have gone through active chemotherapy shouldn’t think about microblading. In fact, the person wouldn’t be prepared when he has lost brow hair over a period of time.

But, in case the lady prefers microblading, then it should always be done a few days before the chemotherapy commences. After all, the brows become thinner and thinner as every chemo cycle passes by.

Eyebrow Embroidery

The beauty treatment can never be considered when the lady has any type of skin condition. Ultimately, the incisions may cause pain and lead to infection around the area. The condition may become worse if the person has eczema, shingles or rashes. An itching sensation may arise when the individual already knows that the skin is sensitive.

If the individual is pregnant and is going to give birth to a baby, then she shouldn’t think about semi-permanent makeup. While the risk of infection is quite high, the treatment can be dangerous to the baby.

Moreover, if the needles are not clean, then the lady might get infected due to HIV or Hepatitis B. But, if she is not worried about what may happen, then using eyebrow pencils can be a safe alternative.

According to experts, children below 18 years of age shouldn’t try enhancing the beauty through microblading. Usually, the treatment can cause pain when the skin is soft and tender. The effect may last for a long time but the incisions may cause infection and lead to red skin.

There may be other techniques that the child could settle for as she visits the salon. But, with microblading, the effects generally fade away quickly and the parent would have to spend more for touch-ups.

MicrobladingIndividuals with oily skin shouldn’t really go for microblading. Though the skin has large pores, the oily skin would certainly impact the efficacy of the treatment. The strokes may not serve the purpose as a shiny appearance would be observed through the makeup.

Microblading is never recommended for people who have earlier had some or other permanent makeup. He or she should first consider a laser treatment or request the artist to work on the existing permanent makeup. In case the lady wants to transform the old design, then she should be frank with the artist and disclose the treatment that she had undergone earlier. This would eventually help the expert to know how she should move on with the treatment.

Individuals who have been taking medicines for Acne shouldn’t prefer microblading. Medicines like Retin-A and Accutane always alter the skin condition and may hamper the healing process soon after the procedure. But, if it’s necessary to make the eyebrows look attractive, then the person has to wait for one year.

Finally, whatever might be the skin condition, the woman should never hesitate to speak with the microblading expert. To avoid infection, the individual should always check whether the expert would be systematic in following the procedure and if she would be using sterilized needles.

Masu AKA Lucy has a background in Fine Arts, Health Science, and Anesthesiology. She received a Bachelor in Health Science with a concentration in Anesthesiology from Stony Brook University.
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