8 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight No Matter What You Do?

Mediacom Deals fulfil the cable TV, phone services, and the internet needs of its customers at affordable rates. Individuals are focused on losing as much weight as they can within a limited number of days. If you are not losing weight even after trying everything, then here are some reasons.

The issue of the obesity is becoming common with each passing day and hundreds of individuals suffer from its worse side effects every day. Individuals do not care about their eating habits and other activities in the first place and then Google ways to lose weight. Mediacom Bundles provides quality internet connections to help individuals with obesity to drop the extra fats from their body.

If you are someone who has tried every tip present on the internet and have not lost even a pound, then here some things that can explain why these tries went unsuccessful.

 Close Ones

In order to lose weight, one has to follow certain guidelines, avoid some edibles, make some activities a part of his or her routine, and stay committed to the routine. If the friends and family of the obese person would not help him in getting rid of his bad habits and opt for the good ones, they would always be stuck at his weight no matter how much he tries.

On the other hand, if the humans around him would keep him reminding the schedule he needs to follow to lose weight, the chances are that he will lose weight sooner. If you have a supporting family and want to lose weight, call Mediacom customer support ( 8662007644) to get an internet connection to get some tips and ways to lose weight.

The Parties

No matter how much committed you are to losing weight and how much support your closed ones are, you will always be attracted to the idea of parties and holidays just because you would get to eat much. You should not only be committed but strict with yourself as well.

It does not mean that you should not go to parties at all. You should go to parties but try to eat as less as possible. Moreover, during the holidays, you should not start eating more and exercising less.

Lack of Proper Diet Plans

The majority of the individuals lack a proper plan they would be following to lose weight. Some of them have the exercising plan and others have the dietary plan but no one has both of them together. This turns out to be a mess for the obese person, as one can’t lose weight only on the basis of one of the above-mentioned schedules.


You need to understand that you can’t lose weight only with exercising, as the weight you will lose by exercises will come back to you with the food you will eat. To lose weight soon, you should eat food items that low on calorie rate.

Drink Healthier

Everyone who has experience in designing the food chart for the individuals who want to lose weight knows the importance of right drinks. All you should drink during your journey of losing weight is water and sugar-free drinks. Remember the more you cut on the sugar, the sooner you would get rid of extra fats.

Change Your Exercises

You can’t lose weight just by doing one exercise for the entirety of your life. You should master one exercise then either move on to the next or increase the intensity of it. Keep an eye on your weight and the schedule you follow to ask your mentor to make some changes in the exercising schedule periodically.

Less Sleeping Time

Less Sleeping Time

One of the biggest factors in gaining weight is not having enough sleep. If you are following exercising, diet schedule, and still are not able to lose weight, then the flaw lies in your sleeping pattern. Find the essential number of hours you should sleep and make sure you get that much sleep each day.

Free Food

No one can say to free food but you can! Yes, if you are aiming to lose weight, then you got to learn to say NO to the free food stalls. You might be tempted to test it even if it means just one bite. However, you should remember that for every bite you take, you will have to put in more effort in losing weight.

No Commitment

Another reason for not losing weight is the lack of commitment. Individuals stay loyal to their goal for a couple of days and then go back to not following it. This keeps happening and the chances of losing weight start to become thin. You can find many helpful materials regarding losing weight with the help of Mediacom Cable but in order to lose weight, you should stay committed to your goal.

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