A 30-Somethings Paycheck is for These Nine Home Items

Passing the indecisive years of the thirties translates to confidence and self-assurance. It’s the decade where some adults have little ones running around while others are still deciding on it. These 30-somethings are happy with their current relationship status with their jobs and would rather enjoy their paycheck on travel and self-improvement.

However, it isn’t about which thirty-something is better at living their life. Whether they receive a wad of cash each payday or not, a real adult is sure of one thing – practical taste in their homes. Owning an affordable house and lot is their source of pride. Therefore, keeping it clean and organized is next in their list of priorities.

Someone in their thirties must purchase these homes items the next time they go on a shopping spree.

Full-length mirror

A hefty paycheck doesn’t always translate to a bigger home. Floor area is still limited especially those in their early thirties. Expand limited rooms by including reflective items like mirrors and metallics finishes. These items open and expand the area sans letting go of pieces of furniture or the construction hassle.

Opt for hanging mirrors to avoid accidents of knocking over the piece. If you live in a kid-free abode, a standing mirror is aesthetically pleasing while retaining functionality. Gold-plated frames with intricate patterns reminisce the Victorian era while brass linings complement a contemporary salon.

Multi-function console or unit

Sliding units are becoming popular with small homes and DIY home organization schemes. There are floor consoles for those with available spaces under desks and shelves. A standee, towering or extended consoles are perfect for decorative accents, literary collection, and treasured trinkets.

Area rug

A rug is a great home decoration investment. It adds warmth in the room which makes it inviting. When used in the bedroom. It must be wide enough to surpass the dimensions of the bed. The wrong size makes the room stuffy and out of balance. The same rule applies to other places that need a rug.

Dining set

Entertaining is the right of passage to being an adult that adults. Coffee table and kitchen-counters aren’t chic and don’t hold the same appeal as it did. It’s time for an organized dining table, padded chairs, and a buffet that will last a long time.

The lifeline of the dining set depends on the material. Maple, mahogany, oak, teak, and walnut are some hardwood material used to make durable chairs and table. A glass table is tasteful with or without a cover as long as its legs can hold it. Antique metal can have a new life when topped with tempered glass.

A set of wine glasses

A dinner party wouldn’t be complete without a toast. Therefore, there must be enough wine glasses for the drinks to flow. Purchase a set of 8 – 12 pieces of glasses. There are dishwasher-safe stemless glasses which are often cheaper than the stemmed ones. The latter is elegant and refined but delicate. They require extra care when washing and handling.

Home office

Some may be working home at this age while others may have additional tasks to accomplish during weekends. Thus, the house must have a dedicated workspace. The size of the designated home office depends on the needs of those who’ll use the area as well as the items stored in the space. It’s necessary to think of where to place the workspace as it will dictate the ambiance which affects the quality of the output.

A proper set of hangers

Often, the solution to limited closet space isn’t purging clothes or adding storages. It’s using hangers. Having a proper set of hangers keeps your outfits in sight and prevent them from unwanted wrinkles. It also makes it easier to fit other pieces of clothing in a rack. Utilize padded hangers for delicates (e.g. lingerie, undergarments, lace, and velvet) while wooden ones are best for clothing that must retain its form.

Printed photos

It’s to look back on the memories with family members and friends. Displaying printed photos is a way to reminisce past events as well as a boast of achievements. It’s also a subtle way of showing love and affection to family members.

Flashlight, fire extinguisher, and other items for emergencies

A flashlight becomes your best friend during power outages. It’s best to have a fire extinguisher around in times of a crisis. Other than these two, a first aid kit, a rope, shovel, ax, rations to last a month are other examples of items to prepare for an emergency. It’s particularly helpful in an affordable home with kids.

These home items are the necessary items for an enjoying your time at home. Some things are customary by social standards while others are helpful in honing your design aesthetic. Going for high-quality versions of these items puts your paycheck to good use.

Janice Jaramillo is a twenty something who loves to write various topics . She likes to travel around the world to meet new people and gain new experiences.
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