All You Need to Know About Podiatry

Podiatry is a branch of medical science which involves the study, diagnosis, and treatment of ailments related to the foot, ankle, or lower extreme areas of the human body. It is also known as a chiropodist in some areas of the world. A podiatrist is a medical expert who treats diseases or any kind of deformity regarding the feet, ankles or surrounding areas. A podiatrist is generally trained for four years in medical school, and for three years in residency training.

The various fields in which podiatry is used are surgery, sports medicine, wound care, diabetic care, and pediatric care. The range of ailments which come under podiatry is quite broad. The ailments can range from something as simple as ingrown toenails to bunions to chronic foot pain. A podiatrist is a highly trained individual. They are trained and are informed on the entire physiology of the human body even though are able to treat only problems related to the foot and structures of the leg.

Why go see a Podiatrist?

A podiatrist is always advisable to go to in case any discomfort regarding extreme lower body part. This is because a medicinal practitioner is suited for curing common diseases and is not suited for treating special cases regarding the feet. A podiatrist can treat an ingrown nail. An ingrown nail is a very common condition which generally affects a person’s big toe.

This can cause pain and get infected easily if not treated by a podiatrist. Ingrown nails are more common for people with diabetes. An ingrown nail happens when a side part of the nail breaks off and grows into the skin of the toe. It appears as a red, inflamed, and painful bump in the toe. If it is left untreated through podiatry, it can affect the underlying bone of a toe. Thus, it is essential that an ingrown nail is treated as soon as possible by a podiatrist.

Podiatry Bundoora
Podiatry Bundoora

A podiatrist can also treat heel and arch issues of the ankle. These issues generally occur in the ankle because of overuse. Other causes of heel and arch issues include Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and arthritis. A persisting heel pain should always be checked by a podiatrist.

Plantar fasciitis is mostly caused because of faulty foot structures like flat feet, or high arched feet. It can also be caused because of the use of faulty footwear. This causes the plantar fascia, which is a thick structure at the bottom of one’s feet to become tight. This, in turn, causes pain and problem in movement and is best treated through podiatry. The symptoms of plantar fasciitis are mostly seen when a person gets out of bed or gets up after sitting for a long time.

A podiatrist can help this condition by suggesting better footwear, and feet exercises. Another common cause of heel pain is Achilles tendinitis. The tendon which runs from our heel to our calf is called the Achilles tendon. The inflammation of this tendon is called Achilles tendinitis. This generally causes swelling, discomfort, and pain in the heel area. The most common causes of this condition are tight calf muscles and overuse. A podiatrist can help this issue by recommending cures and exercises which might help the issue.

The podiatrist also treats problems regarding the skin of the feet.  One of the most common skin problems that can happen in a person’s leg is Erythema Nodosum. In this condition, a lumpy red rash forms on the lower part of the legs. The rash can be painful and is often an indicator of other diseases of the bowel or the reproductive system. A podiatrist cures this disease and helps find out the main disease which is causing it.

Though podiatrists are not well known throughout the World they have an important position in the medicine community. Thus, we can see that podiatry is a branch of medicine which deals with the various problems related to the lower legs and leg structure of a person’s body. Although it can seem limited, podiatry actually deals with a vast number of diseases.

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