Best Ways to Thank Your Dad

Have you ever specifically thanked your dad for all the sacrifices he made in order to give you a better, happier life? There are so many things your father has done in your life and there is always something to thank him for. Your dad will not be around forever; he has much more pavement behind him than in front of him. And in those solitary moments when he dwells over past mistakes and wonders if he made the right choices, a reassurance from you would mean the world to him. So, here are some ways you can express your gratitude to your father for everything he has done for you:

Give Him Your Time and Attention

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Giving your father your time and full attention is one of the best ways to express your gratitude. If you live near him, spend more time with him, talk to him and actually listen. Don’t distract yourself with unimportant things; devote your attention to what he is saying instead. Take that opportunity to learn more about your family, his past, and all the things he’s learned and achieved in life. These quality conversations will not only strengthen your relationship, but they will make your own life better as well. Even if you live far away from your dad, you can still call him or Skype with him, in order to do the same thing.

Help Him However You Can


Say thank you to your dad by helping him with things he has been doing for you all these years, which he isn’t able to do himself anymore. Help him take some load off his shoulders by tidying up his home for him or taking care of some housework repairs. You can also return the favour to your father and offer to drive him wherever he needs to go, especially if his age has made driving difficult for him. If you have the means, to you can also treat your dad by taking him out to dinner or paying for a family vacation to show him your gratitude for everything he’s done.

Surprise Him with a Gift

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Surprise your father with some unique Father’s Day gifts which are fun and whimsical and perfectly suited for him. If you are a crafty person, you can also gift them a homemade present. He will always appreciate it, as he understands the time and consideration that go into making personalized gifts. Even if the present is less than perfect, he will still love it because it came from the heart.

Surprise Him with His Favorite Meal

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Give your dad a day off and prepare his favourite meal for him. Don’t worry if your meal doesn’t turn out perfect, your dad won’t mind if your cuisine is not superb. But he will appreciate all of the time, effort and love you’ve put into making his favourite dish. And instead of doing it only once, maybe you can make it into a regular habit. Make your father something he loves each month and sit down to share the meal with him and enjoy the quality time spent together.

Tell Him You Love Him

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We all assume that our parents already know we love them, which is why we rarely tend to express that affection. Even if that is true, it is always nice to hear those three little words. Tell your dad you love him whenever you can; you will be amazed at how happy a single sentence can make him feel. Touch as a form of affection is also often lost as children grow older. Give your father a warm hug when you tell him you love him, so he can truly feel how genuine your words are.

Write Your Feelings Down

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Although telling someone how much you love them in person is wonderful, writing it down on a piece of paper can be much more emotional and endearing. Write your father a letter expressing how much you care for him and thanking him for everything he has done for you. If you are a skilled writer, writing a poem or a short story expressing your gratitude and love is also a delightful idea. Having something like that written down on paper allows your dad to look at it whenever he wants to remember all of your thoughtful, loving words and feel happy and loved.

Stella van Lane is a Sydney based writer and Home Design Consultant. She's in love with coffee, chocolate, music, books and good vibes. Her top interests are health, yoga, meditation and interior design. Stella enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with other people.
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