How Noise Pollution Affects Human Health

Noise is any unwanted or unpleasant sound that affects people’s quality of life.A normal sound is enjoyable but a loud sound is annoying.just because of loud noise for a long time leads to the damaging of the inner ear which results in Noise-Induced Hearing Loss. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is hearing impairment outcoming from exposure to loud sound

Many aspects of our lives are affected by noise pollution consisting of our sleep, concentration, communication, and recreation.according to World Health Organization every third person in European country harming the health due to traffic noise.who categorize unfavourable fitness results of noise pollutants into many classes:

  • Agriculture: Tractors, combines, grain dryers, crop-dusting aircraft and orchard sprayers can register between 80 and 115 decibels (dB). Even pig squeals are dangerous, measuring between 85 and 115 dB!
  • Social Functions: Noise is at its top in most of the cultural events. Whether it is wedding, parties, pub, disc or place of prayer, people normally ridicule rules set by the local government and create annoyance in the area. People play songs on loud volume and dance till night which makes the condition of people living nearby pretty worse.
  • Industrial sources – Construction and carpentry cause extreme noise pollution.
  • Mining: According to the report, nearly 50 percent of miners will have a hearing impairment by age 50, compared to only 9 percent of the general population.

Effects of Noise Pollution

Hearing Problems:

Any undesired noise that our ears have not been built to exude can cause problems within the body. Our ears can take in a specific range of sounds without getting damaged. Greater than 75 DB is a cause of hearing loss.Offensive or unpleasant sounds are not the only dangerous noises to which we may be exposed. For example, the music at a concert and noise on the street can be equally damaging to the inner ear. The loud sound produced with equal intensity or over extended periods of time, regardless of their source, are equally dangerous.

Sleep disturbance:-

When noise level increases up to 45 DB it affects the people healthy sleeping life.

Due to the sleep disturbance, many health-related  problems affect the human life like

Loss of focus, weak immune system.It is common information that noise can disturb sleep. according to a report that is published in 1963 by McKennell reported that 40 percent of the London residents who were examined had been awakened by aircraft noise.


Cardiovascular Disturbances:-

According to the world health organization, there is a small link between noise pollution and high blood pressure.according to a report noise levels above 50 DB(a) at night could increase the risk of myocardial infarction.traffic on road and highway also cause of increasing high blood pressure.Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the major cause of mortality globally, as well as in India.


People who live within 50 meters or having a noisy environment can increase the risk of India, more than 4 million people and worldwide approx 44 million  people are living with dementia


Noise pollution can be a serious threat to child’s physical and psychological development.this reflects child behaviour.According to the World Health Organisation, noise beyond a point can interfere with speech and language.


Stress is another cause of noise pollution. Noisy neighbours make human beings live depressing and this affects their fitness to a splendid quantity.Traffic is the central source of noise pollution in most of the cities.Changes in the immune system and birth defects have been also attributed to noise exposure.

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