Interesting Facts About Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine is known is for its richness and uniqueness in the world. Thai cuisines are full of herbs and spices and that’s why they are good for health. Most of Thai dishes contain coriander, turmeric, ginger, and cumin and garlic elements. People prefer to opt for Thai dishes because the cuisine offers a lot of variety in its taste, ingredients and health benefits.

Although the exquisite Thai cuisine has a lot of minute details, there are a plethora of facts which you might not know about the Thai dishes. So, in order to understand a particular cuisine and know about the culture of the land, knowledge about the dishes and their uniqueness must be possessed by each one of us.

Unique Facts to Acknowledge the Exquisite Thai Cuisine 

Baking Is Not Their Thing

One of the most exciting things to know about the exquisite Thai cuisine is that most of their dishes are either grilled or fried. Baked products are quite rare in Thailand. In case you are looking forward to some carbohydrates-loaded, delicious baked food items in Thailand, then you would have to conduct a thorough search and spend a good amount of money to acquire the same.

Food Items Come Out To Be Really Cheap

Thai food items are popular for its cheap and affordable rates in the market. Depending upon the place you are eating, your expense on Thai food would turn out to be much less than the other distinct cuisines. Whether you opt for noodles or steamed rice, the Thai cuisine would provide you with a hefty meal at very low prices.

All The Thai Dishes Tend To Be Region-Specific

If you are traveling through Thailand and fall in love with a particular dish, it might happen that you would not find that specific dish anywhere else in Thailand. This is because the dishes prepared in Thailand are mostly region-specific. Suppose, you like the popular dish called Gaeng Hanglay which is found in the northern parts of Thailand. As soon as you move towards the central or southern side of Thailand, you would discover that the dish is nowhere to be found.

The Distinguished Chinese Influence

The exquisite Thai cuisine is definitely unique in its taste and preparation, but you would experience a tinge of Chinese influence in a few popular dishes of the land. From the staple steamed rice to the soy sauce, most of the Thai aspects of the cuisine comes down from a Chinese origin. Although the Thai people have made the dishes unique in their own way as you get the know the cuisine better, you would love to appreciate the Chinese influence in the Thai dishes.

A Few Facts About Thai Dishes Which Cannot Be Neglected

The exquisite Thai cuisine has the basic element of putting sugar in almost all the major food items.  Be it the green papaya salad or the Pad Thai, sugar is one of the most sorted ingredients of the Thai dishes. The main reason behind the use of sugar in all the dishes is the attempt of creating a perfect dish that would be able to provide all the varied flavors to the people.

Moreover, one more thing which should be noted about the exquisite Thai cuisine is that all the dishes taste nothing like the dishes found in the western counterparts. Although the Thai dishes made in the western world tastes amazing it is nothing as compared to the authentic Thai food which is found in the major parts of Southeast Asia.

After all, the fact is true that a particular cuisine is always found to be the best in its own land of origin. In order to taste the exquisite Thai cuisine, one should definitely visit Thailand at least once in their lifetime.

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