Make it Stand Out: 5 Tips on How to Grow a Splendid Vertical Garden in Your Home

Is your home located in the midst of the metropolis and you have only a limited space to grow a garden? It is indeed a great source of frustration for people who want to grow plants in their home, but only have a limited garden space to realize their gardening dreams. However, it is time to stop your worries because there is now a solution to your problem: vertical gardening.

Vertical gardening is the trend today. In fact, a lot of homeowners consider it as not only an excellent method of gardening but also a distinct way to exhibit their plants and flowers. These homeowners also find vertical gardening as a unique way to transform their bland outdoor walls into something aesthetically appealing.

Now, if vertical gardening sounds good to you, it will be better if you know how to do it. So here is a list of tips to create a splendid vertical garden.

Decide In What Location You Put Your Vertical Garden

Many people take to vertical gardening because you can practically place it almost anywhere. For instance, you can choose to put your vertical garden indoors or outdoors. But you should keep in mind that you choose plants that can grow in the area where you want to put them.

If your chosen plants require the nutrients of sunlight, then you should put them outdoors. Plants that can do without exposure to sunlight, on the other hand, is perfect to display inside your home.

There are also modular containers that are ideal for your V-garden. These modular containers provide an easy transfer of your plants, whether you decide to place it outside during summer season or place them indoors during winter.

Consider the Various Vertical Garden Style

Different styles make a vertical garden. For instance, you can notice vertical gardens that display plant and flower varieties in breathable felt fabrics formed like pockets. There is also a vertical garden style that showcases different plants in a beautiful array of planters or pots attached to a wall.

You can also find a style of vertical garden that allows you to display your plants in slots and panels fixed onto a wooden wall. You should know about these different styles of a vertical garden for you to decide wisely what style can suit to your home.

Know the Basics

The same with ground gardens, your vertical garden also dry out when out of moisture. Thus, for you to avoid it, you can do good to your plants if you use potting soil. Potting soil is an excellent way to preserve water and retain the moisture for your plants.

Also, when you do vertical gardening, you should consider the gravity. Due to gravitational pull, the water in your plants is drained down easily. That is why it is advisable that you place those plants that can live with less water on top and those that need water the most below. Or, you can call an experienced landscaper or gardener for some help

Choose Your Plants Wisely

For sure, you can look for a different variety of plants to showcase in your vertical garden. There are the traditional and classic succulent plants that are the staple in every household garden. However, if you want to stay away from what is commonplace, you can go for ferns, herbs, trailing plants, or native perennials to display in your vertical garden.

When deciding to choose plants for your vertical garden, you should also keep in mind to select those flexible type that can grow in it. Make it on top of your options herbaceous plants, and avoid those woody plants. Herbaceous plants are wonderful to look at in your vertical garden due to their cascading growth.

Also, see to it that you stay away from mixing plants that do not have the same growth habits. Otherwise, you risk a slow-growing type of plants to be outgrown by a fast-growing type. Only mix those plants if they have similar growth habits.

Put Up a Drip Irrigation System

Since vertical gardens are close-packed and have a limited amount of soil, you should keep in mind to provide the plants with sufficient water. For you to provide it with water, it is advisable that you put up a drip irrigation system.

A drip irrigation system will give you the necessary moisture to your plants with its advanced timing system and sophisticated hoses. If you are looking for a vertical garden that has a built-in drip irrigation system, you can check sites like GStore for it.


A vertical garden is an excellent method to grow plants if you have a limited garden space. A vertical garden also uniquely showcases your plants in your home. Thus, if you want to have a vertical garden, it will do you good to follow the tips mentioned above for that purpose.

Ivan Palen is a freelance blogger who writes about health and lifestyle. He writes topics such as the list of natural remedies to get rid of mosquito bites and organic fertilizers to help your garden plants grow. Ivan is also an avid traveler and a big fan of sci-fi films.
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