These healthy treat ideas will surely be liked by your entire family

Indisputably, getting your kids to devour a nutritious diet can sometimes be an uphill battle. With a plethora of unhygienic stuff up for grabs, it seems impossible to transform their unhealthy regimens to their consummate state. However, just don’t call it a day and stop trying. The below recipes can certainly be the ultimate choice for your kids, which they’ll certainly head over heels.

#1 Nut butter and fresh apple butter 

If your kids are fond of apples, this recipe is for them. The ingredients required are in the shape of fresh-chopped apples, apple cider, warm spices, and sweetener. These supplements together shall be cooked in a crockpot overnight. The next day after waking, your household can feel the rich musk of this wonderful recipe. Alongside, expect a lot of compliments from your toddlers. They may even ask you to frequently cook it for them.

#2 Potato chip coins

Making potato chip coins at the convenience of your household is a piece of cake. Rest assured, they won’t take long to cook. You’re privileged to decide their thickness or thinness per your desire. Preferring olive oil to others is recommended as it constitutes lesser volumes of trans fat. Employing safflower, corn, peanut, or vegetable oil is also permitted. 

Regarding ingredients: do slices of potatoes to place them in a bowl brimming with water. Drain this aqua and again fill the container with fresh aqua by mixing salt in it. Allow the potatoes to soak for at least 30 minutes. 

Once this is done, heat oil for some time until it becomes excessively hot. Fry potato slices up to a point they become golden. Once achieved, take them out of the cooking pot and allow them to cool. Add some seasonings or dip them in your kid’s favorite savory dip. They’ll surely love the edible.

Tip: You can put forward these potato chip coins in the containers meant for them like the splendid bento lunch box for instance. These are up for grabs in the market in a myriad of designs and colors.

#3 Hummus and veggies

Per aficionados, this recipe makes the perfect heart-healthy vegetarian lunch that will certainly impress your kids. Coming to its formulation, it’s quite easier to prepare than you might think. By wielding a mortar and pestle, you can readily mash it. Additionally, you even have the freedom to make use of a stand mixer. As it is blending, meanwhile you may take some veggies in the form of carrots, cucumbers, and celery (the ones your kids prefer) to chop them finely. These shall be combined with the homemade hummus that will be thoroughly enjoyed by your family when ingested.

Moreover, you can even incorporate this hummus with dried chickpeas or hot beans to augment the quantity that can be well-utilized during lunch.

#4 Parfaits

If you aren’t aware of it, don’t worry! We’ll throw light on the term.

Typically, a parfait is a delicacy that primarily makes use of different fruits. It is a healthy and delicious option that can be icing on the cake during special occasions as a dessert. Strawberries, kiwifruit, and banana are some of the pivotal components of parfaits.

Now, coming to the point about its formulation, you can certainly ask your family members to help you out with it. After washing and slicing all the fruits that you intend to stuff, take some yogurt in a container from which you will devour the dessert. Add some layers of fruits, up to the point that you like having them. To make it more enticing, making a parfait in glass is the ultimate way for a special presentation.

To whomsoever you offer, it will provide an awesome impact on the user.

#5 Banana bread

It is a genus of cake that is fundamentally made by utilizing bananas. Plus, it tastes sweet just like other categories of cake.

Once again, get your kids involved and they can start mashing the bananas. Other projects entail cracking eggs and stuffing flour in a container. The ingredients are then blended.

To enlighten you more; banana bread can be readily made in a short duration depending on the recipe.

To wrap up

Your kids and other family members would surely enjoy the above delicacies. Plus, these can be presented in a plethora of containers. Our lunch box in Ghana is one of the recommended options. 

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