Ultimate Fashion Guide — What to Pack for Hawaii

The state of Hawaii is one of the top tourist attraction spots. Beautiful beaches with white sand, scary dormant volcanoes, and mountains covered in greenery are the reasons why people can’t get enough of Hawaii. The place also has a volcano, Kilauea that was active in 2018. There is a Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii that lets people get a close up to look at the lava. There are also rainforests in Hawaii.

Hawaii is a good place to visit this year, but you can’t go on a trip worth remembering if you don’t plan every detail. One important aspect of planning is to make a list of all the essentials you should pack for your trip. If you don’t take the right clothes, you won’t be able to have fun on your vacation.

To make sure you pack the right clothes, you must learn everything about the weather of your destination — we dress according to the weather. During May and October, expect the sunny weather every day. If you are visiting Hawaii from November to April, expect rainfall.

Now that you know what to expect from Hawaii’s weather, here are the fashion essentials you should pack and take with you on your trip:

Swim Suits

The concept of a vacation on an Island is incomplete without a swimsuit. But sometimes, due to the excitement, people may forget important things. So, before that happens to you, pack your swimsuits. It is better to take more than one swimsuit with you — How many? Well, that depends on you.

Choose the type of swimsuit you feel comfortable in. Not everyone is confident enough to reveal their body, but if it is toned, then people look for reasons to show it off. They are the perfect outfit to wear at beaches — this is what Hawaii is known for!


Hawaii doesn’t only have beaches, but several beautiful places for you to visit. This means you can pack other clothing items rather than just swimsuits. Wear dresses made of breathable fabrics like cotton. The humid weather of Hawaii is ideal for wearing light summer dresses. You can either pack simple summer dresses or maxi dresses. These are perfect for dinner or a night out!

Accessories always look good on dresses and help you boost your look. Pair appropriate accessories with your dress and improve your look instantly. Pack 2 to 3 maxi dresses or add a variety by selecting different types of summer dresses for your trip.


Can you even imagine your existence without tops? If you can’t then you shouldn’t forget to add them in your suitcase. There are several types of tops available in the world for different purposes. For a warm place like Hawaii, you must opt for tops such as tank tops, off the shoulder tops, tube tops etc.

Almost all tops look great on top of jeans — pack a pair of jeans and just change your tops! This is an excellent way to make your life easy and save time from deciding your outfit. Jeans are common in Hawaii, so you don’t have to worry about looking awkward in a different state.

A simple top is ideal, but sexy tops are more appropriate when heading to the beach. You can also pack a few stylish ones and pair them with jean shorts. When it comes to tops, pick as many as you want for the holidays, but it’s better not to get overexcited and fill your suitcase to the brim with tops!


Don’t like dresses much? No problem! Maxi skirts look pretty cute and are perfect for a trip to Hawaii. They are light and breezy and go with different types of tops. You can match them with your favorite tops and pack accordingly. Floral prints are often worn in Hawaii, so floral skirts would be perfect! They set the mood in a beautiful way.

Packing two skirts for your trip will be enough. Whether you want to stay in your resort or go to the local market to shop for souvenirs, a maxi skirt paired with a cute top is the best option to wear. You can also get beautiful skirts from Hawaii. Many women buy them from Hawaii along with other things like coffee, artwork, and jewelry as a souvenir.


What’s a beach vacation without hats? Nothing! Pack a straw hat for your trip to Hawaii — it is a must! Hats not only protect your face from the sun, it is also a perfect fashion accessory. Wear it on the beach and also when you are out.

There are several types of hats available in the market — choose one for every outfit! They make you look stylish and add oomph to your look.

Flip Flops

Something just doesn’t seem right with the idea of wearing shoes at the beach — why? Because beaches have sand and that may just ruin your shoes. So wear cute flip flops to make your life easy and don’t worry about them getting dirty.

Almost everyone in Hawaii wears flip flops due to the hot weather. They are easy to wear and make you feel like you are on vacation. Pair them with your outfits and wear them under shorts, jeans, dresses, etc.

It is not necessary that you have to wear flip flops, but you can also choose comfortable and stylish sandals.

Remember to pack light and don’t overflow your suitcase with unnecessary items which would be of no use for your trip. This was a list of clothing items that you should consider to pack for, but there are several other items that you must pack, such as sunblock to avoid getting sunburned. Pack sunglasses as well to see easily without the sun hitting your eyes. Hawaii has these things available so even if you forget them, there is no need to panic. The important thing is to enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

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