Unique styles of Flower Girl Dresses

Traditionally, a flower girl has to carry a flower basket. Now, to adjust with the Flower girl dresses this leaves no margin as next to the bride all this make her the point of attraction. In numerous colors, fabrics, and designs these flower girl’s dresses can be found.

However, for the little girls to enhance the beauty of the dress various colors have now been put to use with the changing trends. Also, to weddings, only the use of these flower dresses is no more limited.

According to the style of the bridal dresses, the style of the flower girl dresses changes. In flower girl dresses the latest trends is considered to be a white princess style bodice combined with puffed sleeves and a layered tulle skirt that is sprinkled with pink, cream silken rosebuds.

When choosing Flower Girl dresses for wedding, many things are like dress length, wedding color, dress style, height and the age of flower girl and so on needs to be considered.

As these dresses make a beautiful gift, therefore, you can also use these flower dresses like a baby shower gifts for girls.

The first thing that needs to be considered while buying is style. The flower girl sets the tone at the beginning of the ceremony, so it is very important to have a stylish dress for her in order to make the wedding memorable.

Some of the most popular styles in these dresses are mentioned below:-

Princess Flower Girl Dresses

Many girls wanted to have a princess look in their flower girl dresses. They prefer a fancy look just like the bridesmaids and the bride. Therefore, you can go for flower girl dresses in lace as these dresses have lots of beads, flowers and lace or ribbons. Some of the flower dresses with a princess look includes double layer full skirt and satin bodice. They have a ribbon covered around the waistline. These dresses offer the same princess looks that are desired by flower girls.

Pleated Skirts

Skirts having pleats are very stylish and pretty, especially longer-box pleated skirts. These are not full-length dresses like a princess skirt but it offers a stylish and attractive look. The box pleated skirts are wide. The pleats that run downwards make the spread wider towards the bottom of the skirt. These dresses are graceful in style and provide an elegant look to the wedding.

Pick-up skirts

This design is used on a full-length skirt. Flower girl dress blush is the most popular dress among this category. Some fabric pieces are gathered on hemline which allows other parts to wrap around the hemline in a curve. The plain and simple touch adds an ostentatious look to the flower girl dress.

Sleeves and Bodices

Bodices can be made of plain satin or they can also be decorated with flowers and pearls. There are also various designs of necklines, like v-neckline, scoop neckline, sweetheart neckline or halter, etc. The sweetheart neckline design is similar to the shape of the heart. The dresses of flower girls can be sleeveless or have halter straps and puff sleeves. These designs offer a traditional look to a flower girl.

When selecting Flower Girl dresses, you should keep many things into consideration. Some of the things include the type of material, style, design, color, zipped and many more. You should also look for exact measurements because all these things will combine to give the flower girl a flowing look. You should consider all these styles when purchasing a Flower girl dress.

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