Why Does Drinking Coffee Make Me Sneeze (MYTH?)

Having a sneeze while taking a cup of coffee might make you ask yourself that, can drinking a cup of coffee make the person sneeze? And if yes then why does drinking coffee make me sneeze?

These are the questions that occur when we observe such of the uncommon output by taking such drink.

You may have known that actions like:

  • Tickling the nose
  • Receiving irritant in the nose
  • Some allergies

Are all the everyday situations we know makes us sneezing, but when it comes to coffee, here we get anxious to know the exact cause?

Before proceeding more, please be assured sneezing could be a great remedy for a blocked nose. And if you don’t know how to make yourself sneeze, you can check out my article on that topic right on my site, Redstonelife.com.

Drinking Coffee Make You Sneeze

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Back to the point, to make yourself realized and clear about the actual reason and interesting facts, let’s get in to explore the fantastic facts and causes that are making you sneeze whenever we take more or just a single cup of your favorite coffee.

Why does drinking coffee make me sneeze?

So, here you begin with the multiple causes that are going to increment your knowledge and uncover the curtain of the secret behind it.

Let’s begin:

It’s the caffeine behind all:

Caffeine is an alkaloid compound that coffee and other caffeinated foods contain. The most exciting thing is, it is a stimulant of our central nervous system which all hints that it has undoubtedly ability to react to the brain which can result in sneezing. Moreover, if you are sensitive to caffeine, there are possible chances to get affected by it.

How caffeine affects us?

Having a high amount of caffeine can result in Anxiety, jitteriness, headaches, difficulty in sleeping and other of the situations.

Well, we guess that you might have been suffered or suffering from any of such reaction of the coffee, but these symptoms are the sign of having lack of intolerance to the caffeine, not the allergy.

Since we are here to discover how the allergy of coffee makes us sneeze, so we need to get deeper and understand the real cause.

Moreover, you haven’t seen sneeze in the above reactions, so it simply means that the intolerance of coffee isn’t the cause to make us sneeze, it’s the allergy that is a core reason behind all.

Signs of caffeine’s allergy:

Here you are to clear your concept that how the presence of caffeine in the cup of your coffee is causing you to sneeze.

So, a caffeine allergy can cause you:

• Swelling in face, lips, eyes, tongue
• Coughing
• Wheezing
• Dizziness
• Nausea

And most importantly, the sneeze!

To this end, the signs mentioned above are the results of allergy, other than the effect of intolerance caused by taking caffeine.

So, this is how the allergy of the caffeine differs from the intolerance.

After acknowledging the effects caffeine’s allergy, here you go to know how the caffeine in the coffee makes you sneeze!

How the caffeine in the coffee makes you sneeze?

Coffee Make Me Sneeze

Well, for the sensitive/allergic person, taking coffee or any other food item that contains caffeine can result in narrowing the sinus passages. Furthermore, the reaction of the caffeine can be either mild or even severe.

Let’s know a little bit about the conditions of each level.

The symptoms of mild level:

When you are a caffeine-sensitive person and suffer from a stuffy nose, sneezing, pressure or the pain around the areas of the sinuses, then it means that you are the sufferer of this level.

The symptoms of severe level:

This type of allergic reaction is undoubtedly more reactive and needs to get cured as soon as possible. It’s because this type of sensitivity can result in almost complete blockage of the airways.

Suffering from this type of allergy may need you to consult with a specialist so you can gain better-prescribed solutions.

So what’s the solution of caffeine allergy?

Here you go to acknowledge what to do when you are stuck in caffeine allergy. Well, suggesting you boycott your favourite drink will not be the right guidance, so the possible solution we can share you is to take Low Caffeine Coffees.

Yes, there exist such of the coffees in the market which are naturally produced with less amount of caffeine. Some of them are:

  • Robusta coffee
  • Arabica coffee
  • Espres
  • Etc

You can get such coffees from supermarts of your location. For making yourself convinced about the amount of caffeine in them, you can freely check the percentage of ingredients on the product info.

Other than that, you should still try to cut down cups of coffee especially when you are habitual of having more than one cup in a day.

To this end, a low caffeinated coffee can hopefully help you in reducing the sneezes that occur in the reaction of caffeine.

Does sneezing have a side effect?

Since you’ve been sneezing a lot with the allergic effect of coffee, so a question occurs that should you worry about sneezing or not?

Well, whatever we have researched has answered us that sneezing is a beneficial feature that we are bestowed since we are born. It relaxes us a lot whenever we get it. Moreover, it helps in unblocking and clearing our blocked sinuses.

Furthermore, it provides a great source of relief and relaxation in the nervous system. So, whenever you receive one or some more sneezes, you shouldn’t get worried instead you should only enjoy it.

What about the un-stoppable sneeze?


So, if a hot or cold cup of your delicious coffee is making you sneeze, you do not need to get in curiosities about why and especially how you are receiving a sneeze every time.

Moreover, it has also been cleared that having a normal sneeze with the reactions of coffee isn’t having a serious or another sort of adverse effects to your health.

To the end of all, since sneezing has a great benefit to us, so from now when you get a sneeze while you are enjoying your favorite coffee, you shouldn’t feel distracted, and the best part is can also enjoy the relaxation of the sneeze.

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