Why Does My Hand Hurt? 5 Causes of Hand & Wrist Pain

A collection of numerous small bones that make up our wrist and hand, they are prone to get injured easily. our wrist has eight bones that are lined up with four bones on top and four below. All eight bones are linked with ligaments, which keep the joints together and provide a broad range of motion to our hands. Some muscles connect through the wrist. They regulate the movement of our fingers, wrists and thumb. Since each one of them has a role in the motion, if one region of the wrist is injured or inflamed, you’ll feel extreme pain.

Conditions or injuries that affect the hands can make activities difficult and painful that were previously simple. Simple tasks like taking a coffee cup out and brushing your teeth may cause pain in your arm. It could even prompt you to change how you conduct yourself, like buttoning your shirt, tying a lace for shoes, or even signing your name.

Arthritis, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and ganglion cysts as well as injuries are just a few of the most frequent conditions that affect the hand and wrist. Being affected by any of these conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome, is a common cause of hand pain.

The treatment for injuries may differ from icing the damage at home or a hospital to an emergency room.


Tendonitis is the term used to describe the inflammation of your tendons which are the fibrous tissues which connect the muscles to bone. Repeating the same movement can cause inflammation in the tendons in your hands or arm.

On the other hand, the tennis elbow is a result of the continuous back-forth motion of your forearm when you play. However, tennis players are not the only people susceptible to this condition. Painters, plumbers, and butchers may also suffer from tennis elbow. It is also possible to be susceptible to the condition when you are constantly using your computer mouse to move it up and down.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

It can be a very certain reason for hand and wrist pain. It is caused by the median nerve, which provides sensation to the thumb, middle, index and ring finger when they are squeezed as it moves throughout the carpal tunnel of your wrist. Repeated motion, which can occur when you work in an assembly line, could cause the tendons in your wrist to expand, which can cause nerve pressure and discomfort.

It is possible to avoid hand and arm pain due to repetitive movements by changing how you move to reduce stress. 

Abrasion and wear that is a part of the ageing process

There is a chance that you will gain wisdom with time, but it also impacts the health of your joints. There is a possibility of experiencing hand or arm discomfort due to the wear-off of cartilage that divides your joints. It happens due to continuous wear and tears against each other. It is the result of frictional force. This condition is generally known as osteoarthritis.

It’s not just about your joints and cartilage, However. Tears in your rotator Cuff are composed of a series of tendons which hold your shoulder and arm in place as a result of degeneration of the tissues. A tear in your rotator cuff could result in shoulder pain, which can radiate down the arm and hinder your ability to utilize your arm. The degeneration typically impacts your dexterity too.

Ganglion on your wrist

The bump you’ve ever seen may appear to result from a cyst called a ganglion, benign cancer filled with the fluid that lubricates your joint. These small bumps aren’t typically painful; however, when they press against the nerve, they may cause pain and make it difficult to manage. Treatment for cysts may require immobilization, draining from the cyst, or total elimination from the cyst.

Ganglion cysts, benign tumours that develop around the wrists, may cause discomfort too. 

Good fall

You may not have broken an artery. However, a fall that isn’t well-controlled can cause injuries to the ligaments, tendons, or muscles of your hand or arm and result in discomfort. You might be tempted to take it easy at home, with rest, painkillers from the pharmacy as well as dabbing an ice pack. However, knowing the root cause of your discomfort can aid in getting an effective and efficient treatment for an immediate recovery. Again, if you’ve injured your rotator cuff following an intense falling to the ground in an attack during football practice, the absence of the appropriate treatment could cause the tear to get worse.

Hand and arm pain can result from a variety of reasons. Identifying the cause of the pain will help you find the best treatment. If you lose hand functionality due to a sudden fall, then a hand therapist may suggest you use a grip strength trainer to restore your functionality.

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