How Often Should I Train My Grip?

Grip strength is important. To improve grip strength, we need to perform grip strengthening exercises. But here, people often ask how often I should train my grip? Yes, the question is legitimate because doing a particular exercise without limitation may show a reverse effect.

“Anything excess is poison”- The quote is applicable here also. You need to do it with the correct number of repetitions.

However, exercise frequency can’t be the same for everyone because it depends on a person’s gender, age, physical condition, and profession.

For example, a content writer or a typist uses their hands intensely in their job. In contrast, an engineer or a management professional does a more communicative job where hand functions are relatively more minor. Therefore, writers and typists often suffer from hand pain, finger ache, and wrist pain. In this case, a copywriter needs more intense grip training exercises than a management professional.

Isn’t it true?

However, irrespective of your profession, the hand plays a vital role in daily activities. Right? To maintain a high-quality life with full of activities, it is necessary to take care of our hands. Moreover, our grip strength functions as our overall health indicator.

Unfortunately, everyone is not blessed with a firm grip, which gradually reduces with ageing. Some researchers say our hands are the first target organ of ageing. Do you know why?

The answer is here. Lack of Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is important as it keeps every organ active. Unfortunately, blood circulation is lower in the hands compared to other body parts. That’s why connective tissues of our forearms take more time to heal than other body parts.

But there is enough way to strengthen your grip.

For sports people, athletics, and rock climbers, grip training is the primary exercise. They used to start their training program with grip training and warm-up because Deadlift, chin-ups, Bench-press, Farmer carries, and Dip all demand your strong grip; otherwise, your hand may experience repetitive stress injury with ache like hell.

You hardly find exercises and training that are not dependent on strong forearms and firm grips. 95% of exercises consist of some grip-engaging components.

Suppose you think you’re not in sports and don’t need grip strength. In that case, you are absolutely wrong

because grip strength is essential to perform your day-to-day job like carrying a heavy grocery bag, unscrewing the stubborn lid, opening the tight knob, holding your child, walking the dog, writing, and typing, and even putting your shoes on.

Though you are not a sports person, your hands require a moderate level of grip strength, which can be achieved through basic grip training exercises for only 10 minutes.

As mentioned above, we have discussed the importance of a firmer grip in our life. Now we will define it.

Grip strength is more than lifting a dumbbell, kettlebell, holding a barbell, or dead hang. Or put, these are the application of solid grip. It has been clear that holding heavy weight for long hours won’t much help you to make your grip firm instead of making your upper extremity stronger.

Let’s list down the pure grip strengthening activities

  • Finger extension
  • Twisting hands in both direction
  • A workout that consists of ulnar and radial deviation
  • Finger strengthening activities like pinching, playing with putty, squeezing a tennis ball
  • Wrist curl
  • Twisting of fingers
  • Isometric exercises with hands

After categorising the grip strength, we will now focus on the frequency.

We’ve earlier said intensity and frequency will depend on person to person. Many people are advised to do 10 minutes of grip training exercise every single day, which is enough for common people, but this is not adequate for a sports person. They used to do high-intensity grip training 3-4 days per week.

Try to include a variety of exercises in your grip training to engage your different hand muscles, including wrist, finger joints, thumb, and palm. Pinching, crushing, and squeezing are the most basic and practical techniques to strengthen your grip. Do some experiments and find the best reps that will work for you; take the help of your fitness trainer but put excess stress over your hand. The correct strategy is gradually increase the frequency and reps, making the activity engaging, and keeping it fun.

When we are talking about grip strengthening exercises, we need to mention the effectiveness of grip strengthening. There are different types of grip training equipment available in the market. Their effective ergonomics allow you to work with every small and medium muscle of your hand fingers.

Even they also activate every crucial nerve. Working with this kind of equipment develops not only grip strength but also releases mental stress and improves cardiovascular condition & cognitive behaviour. It comes with multiple change levels. Adjust it as per your strength, but we advise you to start with low-level challenges and then gradually increase them. Doing 10 minutes of grip strengthening exercise with this grip training equipment for three months increases grip strength noticeably.

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