5 Great Tips for a Healthy and Fit Superhero Lifestyle

When we read comic books or watch films with superheroes, all of us dream of having at least one superpower. Sometimes we even regret that we haven’t been bitten by a radioactive spider or exposed to gamma-rays, which would, hopefully, turn us into an almost invincible person/creature. Unfortunately, we quickly snap out of such dreams and look around at the real world.

Superheroes exits in this world, too. Just like their amazing counterparts from the world of fiction, our real-life heroes rarely put a foot wrong in all aspects of life. This includes being independent and reliable in both professional and private life and leading by example. So, how can you become one of such people (provided you aren’t already)?

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Don’t expect overnight change

When it comes to correcting or adjusting our habits and routines, results never happen instantly. Instead, it takes some time before our minds and bodies get used to a new situation. Once you’ve set your goal (such as losing 25 lbs in a year), break it into smaller chunks, such as monthly goals and focus on losing at least 2 lbs each month. The goal won’t seem so daunting and you’ll be more motivated after successful checkpoints.

Consistency is the key

As we’ve already established, success doesn’t come overnight. You need to be prepared to work constantly towards your goals if you really wish to achieve them. Let’s say you’ve decided to join a local gym. If you start with five sessions a week, but soon reduce it to four, three or even two, for whatever reason, you won’t get very far. What you should do is choose the tempo that suits you and which you can follow. It’s much better to go slow and steady than burn out soon.

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Watch what you eat

Needless to say, a superhero should be careful about what they eat. Do you think Wonder Woman or Black Widow would fit into their costumes if they weren’t paying attention to their diet? Although we have seen the Avengers treating themselves to some junk food, it’s pretty much clear that such behaviour should be nothing but a rare exception to the rule. And the rule is to have a healthy, balanced diet, ideally prescribed by an expert nutritionist. Your diet will depend on your age, current shape and any health issues you may have. Also, if you think it’s too difficult to change it completely at once, break the process into stages and start eliminating unhealthy food gradually until you reach the goal. However, don’t take too much time, since your health (and superpowers) depend on you.

Find motivation

Let’s say you decide to be a modern-day superhero just because you felt like it at one moment. What are the chances that you’ll see through the whole transformation? Not very big, unfortunately. However, if you are motivated to live a longer and healthier life, so that you could enjoy more time with the people you love or on your own, your chances increase significantly. Just for fun, you might want to pick a cute pop vinyl from Australia and keep it on your desk or take it everywhere with you, just to remind you of your favourite superhero or your goal. Either way, it’s fun.

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Get enough sleep

We rarely see superheroes sleep, since they are too busy fighting evil, but rest assured that a modern superhero from Earth requires enough sleep, so that they can recover and recuperate enough in order to be ready to tackle all the problems surrounding them. Have you ever seen a superhero yawning, their face graced with eye bags? That’s because they always get their required dose of sleeping.

So, if you really have your heart set on becoming a superhero in real life and set an example to your kids, family or friends, you’d better follow these five tips. They are a very good foundation for every bit of progress and development you’d like to achieve. Finally, once you become a superhero, there will be little you won’t be able to do.

Olivia is psychologist and entrepreneur from Brisbane. Mother of two beautiful children and proud owner of two silly boxer dogs. She is passionate writer, a traveler and conscious consumer, seeking healthy and sustainable products to incorporate into the lives of her family. Her motto is “Be the change you want to see in the world”.
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