6 Foot Care Tips to Prevent Scratch for Emergency Situations

Foot care is often something people don’t talk about because most people think feet is “gross” and you don’t need to take care of them. But, it’s important to make sure you keep your feet healthy, and here, we’ll talk about some foot care tips to prevent scratchy feet, and also how to prevent emergency foot situations from happening in your life.

Check them Every Day

Most people don’t examine their feet, but you should do so every single day. Look at the tops and bottoms of your foot, and check for any changes in the skin, cuts, drainage, blisters, a splinter, or even a spot of dirt that might be there.  Ulcers do happen too, and if you notice something dark, especially near the toenails, it might be a fungal infection, so check that out right away.

Clean your Toenails

Clean your Toenails

This should go without saying, but your toenails need to be cleaned up. This isn’t putting nail polish on them, or getting a pedicure, but rather keeping them cleaned up and trimmed. Did you know that toenails that are long can scratch other toes, and also hurt your foot? These can get infected, and that’s not pretty. If your toenails touch the ends of where your shoes are, it actually can cause a blood clot to form underneath there, and it can cause the toenail to fall off, or become super painful.  

While it does get harder to trim our toenails as you get older, go to a salon to do it if you can’t do it yourself. You should check your toes, ingrown toenails gold coast and trim them as needed.

Wash your feet, but don’t dry them out. This should also go without saying, make sure to wash your feet as well. Soap and water, giving them a nice scrub down, can help get any dirt particles off of here. This also can prevent any dirt from going into a wound, causing an infection.

But, you should make sure not to leave them to soak in water, cause then it can dry out the skin, creating cracks and calluses which aren’t fun to deal with whatsoever, and those can get infected and scratchy too.  You should clean them but always do so within reason.

Moisturize them

Moisturize foot

Most people think moisturizing is something only girls do, but the truth is, everyone should be moisturizing their bodies.  Dry skin happens to anyone regardless of gender, and on your feet, this can cause them to be dry and scratchy, This also will clean up the skin and prevent it from getting gross.  

But, you shouldn’t put any moisturizer between your toes, because you want the skin to be dry there so that they’re not infected. The tops and soles of your feet should be moisturized every single day, and make sure you ultimately take care of your feet in an effective way.

Don’t go barefoot


Going barefoot not only provides no support, but it can also actually cause infections on the bottom of your feet due to wounds that weren’t treated. You should wear socks to reduce irritation, and make sure to wear flipflops in public showers.  Along with that, if you need some extra support, foot orthotics gold coast can also protect your feet, and in turn, prevent your feet from getting infected by outside wounds. So yes, while people say it “builds character” or makes you “hardy” it isn’t worth the potential infection that might come with this.

Don’t Wear Tight-Fitting shoes

Don’t Wear Tight-Fitting shoes

Finally, don’t wear tight-fitting shoes.  These can have a tendency not only to potentially scratch and wear away at the skin there, but it also is painful.  Lots of times, those areas aren’t getting enough blood, which in turn can cause circulation to diminish. Over time, this gets more and more painful, and it’s important that, if you think the shoes are too tight, you should pick something with more support.  If you’re uncomfortable in the shoes that you’re in, that’s a sign to change it, and your feet will thank you for this.

With the right care and the right preventative actions, you can safeguard and improve the health of your feet. Feet are usually not considered when we look at our physical health, but growths, infections, and fungi can be the lot of your feet if you’re not careful. While some think feet are “gross” they’re an integral part of our bodies, and they should be taken care fo if you want to have a healthy body.

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