6 ways to get healthier right now

It’s now widely acknowledged that a healthy body equals a healthy mind. Feeling happy starts with being healthy and taking care of yourself. But where to start? Now, we all know eating more veg and getting some exercise are important ways of looking after ourselves, but what other, less common tips might be worth following? Here’s our list of 6 fun ways to get healthier right now:

Spring clean your house

It might not feel like it, but our living spaces house a lot of bacteria and germs which have the potential to make us sick. To protect your health, have a thorough spring clean now and again. Get on some protective gloves and give all surfaces a good scrub, using antibacterial products on high-risk areas. Focus particularly on oft-forgotten items like the soles of your shoes and makeup tools. Try to get rid of these pen stains on your carpet and all the small chores you’ve been postponing for ages. You’ll feel liberated and it can definitely count as exercise! Once the environment you live in is fully clean and organised, your whole life will feel refreshed and healthier.

Exercise at the weekend

Many of us worry about the amount of exercise we do, wanting to get to the gym more often than we can. But don’t fret – recent research suggests you will benefit just as much from doing all your weekly exercise in two big sessions at the weekend than if you were to spread it out across the week. So, for those who are busy Monday to Friday, simply head out on your days of rest and get fit then. You can also alternate between indoors and outdoors workouts, so take advantage of those sunny days to explore nature, inhale fresh hair and get inspired by the views while getting fitter and healthier.


Take a sabbatical

Stress can really affect your health and sometimes the only thing you need to do is stop the routine, de-stress and take some time out. Top professionals swear by the positive impact of taking a sabbatical, so if you’re feeling a bit under the weather, negotiate with your employer some time off and see how that makes you feel. It’s also healthy for both body and mind to schedule your annual leave, if you can, throughout the whole year instead of having a full month off.

Switch to unsaturated fat

But fat is unhealthy right? Well, in fact there are good and bad types of fat and some evidence suggests that switching from the bad stuff – known as saturated fat – to the good – unsaturated fat, could do your body a big favour. Saturated fat is found in animal fats like meat, butter and products like cakes, biscuits and crisps. Unsaturated fat is present in foods like salmon, avocado, nuts and seeds. So, start your new healthy life with an updated diet.


Reduce the amount of sweeteners

Yes, we know too much sugar is not great for our health, but the bad news is too many artificially sweetened drinks may not be great either. Research around this topic is still ongoing, but some believe that drinking high amounts of so-called diet drinks may have negative impacts on your health. Hydrate naturally with water and you’ll avoid any potential effects.

Dance, dance, dance

Dancing is a great way to get your body moving and shed some pounds. If you’re not one for exercising in general, finding a style of dance you enjoy and getting moving that way is a great start. Go out with friends, try a zumba class or enrol in ballet. Your body will thank you for anything that gets you a bit more active.

These are our top tips for getting healthier – and happier! From eating unsaturated fat to learning how to organize your house, there are lots of things you can do now to feel fitter and healthier long-term. Good luck and enjoy!

Alice is a freelance writer. She loves to write about everything from fitness to travels and loves discovering new things. Alice is also obsessed with everything food and is a TV series addict.
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